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Ideas & Inspiration

Outdoor Pursuit

Bill Hatcher photographs the impossible—well, let's say the extremely difficult.


Ideas & Inspiration

Photographing People Using Wireless Lighting Techniques

Tom Bol's images inspire new ways of taking a portrait photo.


Ideas & Inspiration

Macro Photography Tips: Photographing Insects and Other Small Creatures

A few quick tips on macro photography


Ideas & Inspiration

Action Photography: Shooting in Extreme Locations

Photographer Beth Wald doesn't just shoot from the sidelines; she's in the middle of the action.


Ideas & Inspiration

Shooting the Effects of Global Warming

Gary Braasch follows the evidence; the power of photography does the rest.


Ideas & Inspiration

The Power and Beauty of Bears and Other Animals

When the animal in the viewfinder is a bear, this photographer knows exactly what to do.


Ideas & Inspiration

Thomas D. Mangelsen Understands the Behavior of the Animals he Photographs

Photography is about much more than taking pretty pictures—it's about respect and responsibility for the environment.


Ideas & Inspiration

John Shaw: A Photographer's Vision Simplified

See how one of the foremost nature, outdoor and natural history photographers in the world takes his craft down to its essence.


Ideas & Inspiration

Tips from a Model Turned Professional Photographer

See how photographer Nancy Brown turned a 20-year modeling career in front of the camera to a successful career behind the lens.


Ideas & Inspiration

Lessons from a Travel Photographer

Attention to details has helped make Rosanne Pennella the successful travel photographer that she is. It's a lesson she passes on to her students.


Ideas & Inspiration

Photo Tips from Across America

Nikon training specialist, Kristine Bosworth, covers the country and sends photography tips from her travels.


Ideas & Inspiration

Reaction Time

John Solano says that for him, photographing weddings is a lot like photographing sports.