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Lindsey Byrnes on Rock & Roll Photography

LINDSEY BYRNES: ROCK & ROLL PHOTOGRAPHER - Rock & roll shooter Lindsey Byrnes was interviewed at SXSW. Watch the video to hear Lindsey talk about photography, her favorite Nikon gear, and find out how she got started.

3 tips for getting into rock & roll photography $

  • Start small, with a friend's band. This will allow you to experiment more freely and get used to photographing performers while they're playing instruments.

  • Get used to the pace of a live show. Photographing musicians is akin to shooting sports, there's a pace to a live show which is different than capturing performers in the studio. Capture not just the performance but the interaction with a live audience, all while lights are dimmed and the music is blaring.

  • Practice, practice, practice. As with any new subject matter, practice shooting studio sessions and live performances in a variety of venues, so you'll be at ease no matter where your next shoot takes you.