Get started as soon as you unbox
your new camera.

The Z 8 builds on the advanced technology of the Z series mirrorless platform with more autofocus options, more video capabilities—more of everything you want in a hybrid mirrorless camera. Watch this course to learn some basic tips, personalized settings and advanced shooting options for both stills and videos.

Video length: 30:37
Photo of a hand holding a Z 8 camera with a menu on the LCD

Setting up your camera your way.

Learn how to set up your camera to shoot videos or still images with customized settings, buttons and program dials for how you want to use them. Watch step-by-step demos of the i Menu, My Menu, Menu Banks, function buttons, electronic viewfinder and diopter.
Photo of a smiling woman shown with various setting icons overlayed on the image, from the Z 8

Expert workflow tips.

Get insight into which settings can help speed up your shooting and post-production workflow like choosing the appropriate file type, in-camera crop options, focus modes, subject detection and AF Area modes.
Photo of a Z 8 camera's rear with an image of a hand cutting a lemon on the LCD, also showing the follow focus knob, cage grip and mic on the hotshoe

Essential video features.

Explore the many features that make your recording process more efficient. These include settings like frame rates and video file formats, and features like the waveform monitor, zebra stripes, video info display, linear focus, fine ISO control, timecode syncing. and much more.

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