Get up and running with your new camera.

You’ve got the Creator ready Z 30, we’ve got the information you need to know to get started creating content simply and easily. The most used settings for vlogging and video creators as well as for photos. This course takes you through the basics of the camera’s modes, dials and buttons as well as how to set it up for quick access to the features you use most.

Total video length: 33:41
image of the Z 30 and the Auto mode pointed out

Controlling the camera.

Learn how to quickly and automatically set up your camera to shoot videos or photos; or take a deeper dive into how to customize your settings. See your options for shooting remotely with your smartphone or the ML-L7 Bluetooth remote control. 

photo of the Z 30 with a woman on the LCD and Eye-AF box over her

Keep the focus on what’s important.

Use Eye-Detect Autofocus so the camera always focuses on your subject, whether it’s you in front of the camera, a friend or your dog or cat. Learn which AF modes will help you keep your subject sharp, even if it’s moving.  

Photo of a young female blogger looking at the Z 30 which is on a tripod

Essentials for vlogging.

Record video or stream with ease. Whether you use a tripod or hand-held grip, it’s easy to see yourself on the flip out screen and keep an eye on how you and your background look. We’ll also explore many more features that make your recording and streaming process more efficient like the red record light, external mic and USB power, record-time and frame rates, and so much more.
Photo of a person's hands on a tablet with the woman from the Z 30 video course on its screen

Watch. Learn. Excel.

Take your video and photography to the next level with simple, easy-to-follow courses from Nikon. Watch anytime, anywhere on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Collage of photos including a couple, a male chef and a person in a red jacket with a Z 30

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