Photo of a man looking through a pair of PROSTAFF P7 8X30 binoculars


product view of PROSTAFF P7 8X30 binoculars

Pocket-friendly high-end performance.

Broaden your perspective with compact PROSTAFF P7 8x30 binoculars. A spectacular extra wide field of view with 8X magnification reveals more of the scene and is easy to hold steady—great for tracking moving birds, wildlife and aircraft. Nikon’s superior optics and multilayer coatings increase brightness and clarity. Add high-end features like a locking diopter ring and an oil and water repellent coating for easier cleaning, and it's easy to see why the waterproof PROSTAFF P7 binoculars sit at the top of the PROSTAFF line.
  • 30mm Front Objective
  • 8X Magnification
  • Waterproof Down to 3.3 ft.
  • Fogproof Nitrogen Filled
  • Non-stick Lens Coating
  • Locking Diopter Ring
photo of flamingoes in flight over water

8x magnification with spectacular wide views.

Compact PROSTAFF P7 8x30 binoculars deliver the widest field of view in the series—456 feet at 1,000 yards. This wide view makes it easier to locate and track moving subjects, which appear 8X closer, and it's also more forgiving to hand-shake for a steady, clear view.
photo of a man in the hills looking through PROSTAFF P7 8X30 binoculars

Nikon optics.

PROSTAFF P7 binoculars incorporate superior Nikon optics and lens coatings for a high-quality viewing experience.
photo of a family of elephants

Higher definition.

Nikon’s Phase-Correction coating is applied to the roof prisms for increased definition and clarity.
photo of a duck on the water

sharper colors.

Nikon’s dielectric high-reflective multilayer prism coating maximizes light transmission across the visible range.
photo of PROSTAFF P7 8X30 close up

Locking diopter ring keeps your setting.

Often reserved for the highest-end binoculars, the diopter ring locks into place so you can set it and forget it.
illustration of drops on Nikon glass optics

Non-stick coating for easy cleaning.

An oil and water repellent coating is applied to both the objective and eyepiece lenses. Simply wipe away moisture, fingerprints and smudges.
photo of a pair of PROSTAFF P7 8X30 binoculars on rocks by flowing water

Waterproof down
to 3.3 ft.

Whether you’re spotting birds near the water’s edge or caught in inclement weather, you won’t have to worry about PROSTAFF P7 binoculars. (Not intended for underwater use.)
view of the objective lenses of a pair of PROSTAFF P7 8X30

Lenses that won’t

Even going from a warm car to the cold winter air won’t fog the lenses on PROSTAFF P7 binoculars.
photo of PROSTAFF P7 8X30 binoculars on foliage near a stream

Eco-friendly glass.

The glass used in the PROSTAFF P7 binoculars is lead-free and arsenic-free. Better for you. Better for the environment.

Lightweight, comfortable
and tough.

close up photo of PROSTAFF P7 8X30 eyecups

Turn-and-slide eyecups.

Retract them for use with eyeglasses. Extend them to your ideal position for comfortable naked-eye viewing.
photo of a woman holding a pair of PROSTAFF P7 8X30

Long eye relief.

PROSTAFF P7 binoculars are designed with long eye relief for a comfortable, clear field of view, with or without eyeglasses.
photo of a man in the hills holding a pair of PROSTAFF P7 8X30

Tough skinned.

The dark green rubber-armored body provides non-slip grip and protection from the occasional drop or bump.
photo of PROSTAFF P7 8X30 binoculars on a rock

Hard bodied.

The PROSTAFF P7 binoculars’ lightweight body uses strong fiberglass-reinforced polycarbonate resin.

Compact PROSTAFF P7 comparison.

Prostaff P7

  • 8X Magnification

  • Wider view (456 ft. field of view at 1,000 yards)

  • Easier to hold steady

  • 4.9 in. long

  • 17.1 oz.

  • 14.4 brightness

Prostaff P7

  • 10X Magnification

  • Closer view (346 ft. field of view at 1,000 yards)

  • Subjects appear larger

  • 4.9 in. long

  • 16.6 oz.

  • 9.0 brightness

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