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Key Features

Compact, Portable Speedlight Unit
i-TTL Speedlight optimized for use with Nikon's Creative Lighting System (CLS).

Hot Shoe and Wireless Operation
Use on-camera and as a wireless remote light source.

Nikon's Precision i-TTL Flash Control
Delivers accurate flash exposures and seamless fill-flash capability under difficult, challenging lighting situations.

Auto Power Zoom Coverage
Provides a wide zoom range covering 24 to 85mm expands to 14mm with built-in wide-flash adapter.

Flash Value (FV) Lock
Locks in a specific flash output on the main subject, regardless of aperture, composition or the lens’ zoom position.* *With select Nikon digital SLR

Bounce Capability with Rotating Flash Head
Rotates 270° degrees and tilts 90° degrees to help reduce background shadows and allow for creative light control.

Wide-area AF Illuminator
Accurate autofocus in low-light situations is assured.

Auto FP High Speed Sync Mode
Available with Nikon CLS compatible cameras with high-speed sync capability.

Flash Color Information
Provides more accurate color renditions and white balance accuracy on CLS compatible D-SLRs.

Large, Bright LCD Display
With easy to read menus and intuitive controls.

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