For Stills and Cinematic Video
Designed without an optical low-pass filter, the Nikon D810’s image sensor works in combination with the latest EXPEED 4 image-processing engine to deliver amazing stills with sharpness that surpasses even the acclaimed D800E.
Super-fast frame rates capture all the action.
This flexible and highly adaptable tool lets you master diverse light, subjects or circumstances.
AF-S Micro NIKKOR 60mm f/2.8G ED
Focal Length: 60mm • ISO: 400
Shutter: 1/2000s • Aperture: f/5
AF-S VR NIKKOR 300mm f/2.8G IF-ED
Focal Length: 300mm • ISO: 1000
Shutter: 1/2000s • Aperture: f/5.6
AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED
Focal Length: 18mm • ISO: 64
Shutter: 2s • Aperture: f/11
AF-S Micro NIKKOR 60mm f/2.8G ED
Focal Length: 60mm • ISO: 400
Shutter: 1/2000s • Aperture: f/5
AF-S VR NIKKOR 300mm f/2.8G IF-ED
Focal Length: 300mm • ISO: 1000
Shutter: 1/2000s • Aperture: f/5.6
AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED
Focal Length: 18mm • ISO: 64
Shutter: 2s • Aperture: f/11
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Revel in the Details. Elevate every production.
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Wondrous creativity with workhorse productivity. For stills and cinematic video.
It’s an amazing tool that needs for nothing… except, of course, you.
If you’ve ever found yourself…
  • limited in creativity for need of a setting, feature or special effect
  • hindered in productivity for need of additional processing muscle
  • restrained in capability for need of a tool that shoots broadcast-quality video
… if so, it is a good thing
     you’ve found the
Astonishing Image Quality
A Revelation of Innovation
Four powerful features combine to deliver a new Nikon standard in D-SLR image quality.
Nikon is known for its unyielding dedication to all aspects of imaging technology. And the Nikon D810 Pro D-SLR is the one tool you need to tackle any task. This model upgrade puts it all together like no other Nikon camera before it, no matter what you’re shooting: portraits and events, natural landscapes, cinema-quality live-action video, high-action sports or low-light subjects. Four individual innovations combine to deliver magnificent results. Precision image sensing. Rapid image processing. Sublime NIKKOR lenses. Exceptional picture control. Master the magic of any moment. With the Nikon D810.
36.3 MP
CMOS FX Sensor
Image-Processing Engine
Picture Control
Say goodbye to the optical low-pass filter and hello to sharper images.
EXPEED 4 Image-Processing Engine
Fast data readout lets you shoot at the speed of inspiration — up to 30% faster than Expeed 3!
Trusted NIKKOR Lenses
With legendary NIKKOR lenses, what you see is what you get — across the entire frame!
More Picture Control
Expanded picture options give you more ways to be creative.
Sensor Story
Less is Definitely More
The Nikon D810’s 36.3 MP FX-format CMOS Sensor — designed with the optical low-pass filter (OLPF) removed — means
less restriction and more resolution.
Truer images. Richer tones. Sharper, crisper stills and video. The unfiltered “raw” image you need to create more artistically and effectively. An expansive, redesigned FX-format sensor of 35.9 x 24 mm, minus the OLPF, means you can extract more light information from your subject, capturing the detailed resolution you need for more intense results.
FX-Format at
7,360 x 4,912 Pixels
Optical Low-Pass Filter Removed
Crop-Dead Gorgeous
With FX-format stills at a size of 7,360 x 4,912 pixels, feel free to crop as aggressively as you like in post-processing, all without compromising the detail and tonal range that make the shot so special.
No OLPF? No Problem.
With the optical low-pass filter removed, and the upgraded EXPEED 4 processor, the D810 shoots even sharper than the Nikon D800E.
A Seriously Revved Up Engine
Fast image processing, and up to a 30% faster burst rate over Nikon’s D800/D800E models, means more shots per moment, longer usage per charge and full HD 1920 x 1080 at 60/30/24p capability.
The Nikon EXPEED 4 processor is an upgraded image-processing engine over its EXPEED 3 predecessor. This not only accelerates the high-speed processing of massive amounts of image data, but also extends the ISO sensitivity range for broader flexibility — from ISO 64 to ISO 12,800 as its standard range. The payoff? You can confidently shoot in low light with suppressed noise at high ISO settings. Up against twilight? No problem. Shooting landscapes by hand in the bright morning sun? No worries, you’ve got the range. Produce images of superlative precision and quality even in the most challenging shooting conditions.
Massive Image Data Processing
Better Energy Efficiency
Records Full HD 1080p
Video at 60/30/24p
More Muscle, More Magic
The EXPEED 4 Image Processor…
  • Shoots and processes images as fast as 5fps at full resolution
  • Smoothens even extreme transitions of detail and tone
  • Widens the ISO range to shoot effectively in diverse conditions
Not Just Fast; Efficient
Since the EXPEED 4 is so energy efficient, you get approximately up to 1,200 shots per battery change and up to 40 minutes of video recording time.
Get That Hollywood Look
The EXPEED 4 records full HD 1080p video at a brisk 60/30/24p, not only reproducing that cinematic look, but also giving editors more versatility in post-production, especially for slow-motion sequences.
NIKKOR Lens Story
Legendary NIKKOR Lenses
For over 80 years, NIKKOR lenses have set the bar for superior quality in optics.
To bring out the full potential of the Nikon D810, look no further than the vast array of NIKKOR lenses that deliver high resolution, with sharpness, accuracy and field-proven reliability. Trusted by both still photographers and video professionals, NIKKOR lenses are held in high regard across the industry.
Focus On Performance
Zoom in for a Closer Look
Performance Matters
  • Achieve Exceptional sharpness, from the image center to the peripherals.
  • Designed to produce natural-looking image-blur characteristics.
  • An assortment of lenses with nano-crystal coating minimize ghost and flare, even with intense backlit situations.
  • The NIKKOR lens lineup is fully optimized to deliver the image quality the D810 deserves — your images match what your eyes see.
AF-S Nikkor
14-24mm f/2.8G ED
AF-S Nikkor
58mm f/1.4G
AF-S Nikkor
24-120mm f/4G ED VR
800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR
AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED
With a fixed maximum aperture of f/2.8, this professional lens realizes edge-to-edge sharpness across the frame. Its Nano Crystal Coat minimizes ghost and flare even in backlit conditions, while ED glass reduces chromatic aberration to ensure outstanding contrast. Tough and reliable, this is essential glass for professional photographers.
AF-S NIKKOR 58mm f/1.4G
This prime lens achieves impressive scene description with high resolution and smooth, beautiful bokeh. Despite the fast aperture, sharp, high-contrast images of distant subjects can be captured. Point light sources located at infinity can be finely reproduced as point images even with the aperture set at the maximum. In addition, elaborately designed bokeh characteristics depict subjects attractively, resulting in images with natural depth.
AF-S NIKKOR 24-120mm f/4G ED VR
This advanced 5x standard (24mm) to telephoto (120mm) zoom lens delivers stunning image quality at any aperture or focal length. The AF-S NIKKOR 24-120mm f/4G ED VR is the perfect FX-format standard zoom lens for landscapes, portraits, weddings and distant subjects offering a constant maximum aperture to maintain exposure settings throughout the entire zoom range and VR image stabilization to empower your hand held-shooting.
AF-S NIKKOR 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR
With the longest focal length of all NIKKOR lenses, this is what wildlife and landscape photographers have been waiting for. Employing fluorite, ED glass and Nano Crystal Coat, this lens delivers outstandingly clear images with minimized chromatic aberration, ghosting and flare. Super-telephoto shooting is also reliably supported by Vibration Reduction (VR), offering an effect equivalent to a shutter speed 4.5 stops*faster (4.0 stops* with the AF-S TELECONVERTER TC800-1.25E ED).

* Based on CIPA Standard
Picture Control Story
Quality. Integrity. Image. Control.
A vast array of sophisticated, yet intuitive picture controls provide the versatility to
overcome challenges and the options to render more artistic work.
Take your vision and instincts to a whole new level. We’ve not only expanded our offering of standard picture control presets, but we’ve also extended menu choices and range options within each. Plus, we’ve allowed for adjustments to be made in smaller, quantified increments to give you nuanced control. The D810’s factory default presets include Standard, Neutral, Vivid, Monochrome, Portrait and Landscape — and now, we’ve added Flat. Flat is ideal for when shooting stills in raw (NEF) or when capturing video. Flat allows filmmakers to adjust the “look and feel” of the video with greater flexibility and control in post-production. You’ll be amazed at how many different results you can achieve with a single camera.
Extended Picture Control
Click Key to see Demo
Enter. Explore. Enjoy.
It’s the brilliant combination of all four of these powerful features — the sensor, the processor, the lenses and controls — that make the Nikon D810 such an extraordinary instrument of astonishing image quality. High resolution, greater control, extended versatility. You asked, and we delivered. Nikon development is directly driven by feedback from the field.
Picture Controls
A dedicated button on the camera lets you select the most appropriate Picture Control to match your creative intention.

Press top and bottom buttons to select Picture Control choices
Dramatic Cinematic Video
Making the Move to Moviemaking
High-quality video production capabilities make the Nikon D810 an ideal addition to any DP’s bag of tricks — for TV or film sets, alike.
Whether you’re working for a major production company on a blockbuster set or you’re shooting an “indie” or documentary film on a much smaller scale, the Nikon D810 was developed with you and your crew in mind. We’ve created an artful but hardworking tool that adds versatility, flexibility and efficiency to any moviemaking production — not only in-studio, or on location, but also in the editing suite.
Sandro, Director
About the Movie
Anthony Arendt
Sandro, Director
“Shooting Dream Park was a lot of fun — using the Nikon D810, the imagery we got was so sharp and so beautiful, even the low-light scenes looked absolutely gorgeous. We saw a very romantic and cinematic feel to the footage, regardless of the scene we were shooting. From the most dimly lit alleys and industrial parks to this really high-key, over-lit swimming pool — the range of the Nikon D810 and the way it performed was absolutely phenomenal.”
Nikon D810 Special D-Movie “Dream Park”
Written and directed by Sandro, Dream Park is a story of inspiration and following your dreams. It follows the main character, Esha, to show how her grandmother’s wise and inspirational words motivate her to reach for her dreams of becoming a movie director. Those words of inspiration are swiftly transformed into contagious enthusiasm, which spreads quickly to Esha’s friends on the playground, leading to the fulfillment of their childhood dreams. Shot entirely on the Nikon D810 and an assortment of NIKKOR lenses, Dream Park is a truly cinematic experience that pushes the envelope of D-SLR filmmaking.
Anthony Arendt, Director of Photography
“I think the Nikon D810 will be as popular with the filmmaking community as the D800 is with the still photo community. We shot exclusively using the new Flat Picture Control: it was the perfect way of extending the range of the file and really reaching into the shadow areas while protecting the color space. And if you’re in love with NIKKOR lenses like I am, you’ll find the Nikon D810 to be the best camera to make the most of that glass.”
Dramatic Cinematic Video
A Touch of Cinematic Magic
Smart, agile and highly cinematic. Why should filmmakers, at all professional levels, also shoot with a
Nikon D810 in addition to their other gear? The reasons are clear and compelling...
Liberating Speed and Accuracy
Lock-On and Shoot With Confidence
Sophisticated auto-focusing algorithms, prolonged continuous shooting and enhanced stability in design —
together they deliver pristine resolution, blazing speed, and empowering agility and accuracy.
Radically sharp images, even when you’re on the run — all with pinpoint accurate focus, shot after rapid-fire shot. Such is the certainty and self-reliance that comes with owning a D810.

Breakthrough multipoint focusing formulas, combined with an Advanced Multi- CAM 3500X autofocus sensor featuring 15 cross-type sensors, let you quickly lock-on to a desired focus point, or points, and shoot with unerring ease. That’s not all. Add a clever group-area autofocus mode, a 51-point autofocus system with f/8 compatibility, then throw in a high-speed shutter mechanism that’s redesigned for reduced vibration, and what you have in the Nikon D810 is a camera built from the inside out for high resolution and astonishing control.
Group-Area Autofocus Mode
51-Point Dynamic Area AF System
with f/8 Compatibility
Detect. Track. Shoot. Relax.
Group-area autofocus mode uses five autofocus points at once to detect and acquire subjects more quickly and securely, without the image focus shifting to the background. This mode is ideal for locking on to small, distant and fast-moving targets, where a single focus point won’t do.

Keep Images in Tight Focus
Choose 9-point, 21-point or 51-point Dynamic Area AF to keep moving targets in sharp focus, even when they briefly stray from the focus points you’ve selected. Auto Area AF detects human faces and prioritizes their sharpness for you, an ideal feature for catching candid expressions.
Liberating Speed and Accuracy
Sudden Bursts of Inspiration
Fast continuous shooting at 5fps — expandable to 7fps — let you catch each explosive color
and texture in bursts of glorious resolution.
Need to capture subtle nuance in a facial expression during a portrait sitting? Need to bracket a series of exposures? Need to shoot fast- moving images in dramatic fashion with all the arresting details? Quick! Reach for your Nikon D810 and press that shutter to your heart’s content. You’ll start snapping at 5fps — all in high-impact FX-format. Or, adjust your speed to 6fps in DX and 1.2x crop mode or even 7fps* in DX-format. When shooting high-action subjects, the Nikon D810 is able to capture them at speeds of up to 25% faster than the D800/D800E. And in case you’re wondering, rest assured: The lightning- quick EXPEED 4 Image-processing engine renders it all with ease.

* 7fps in DX crop mode when using the optional MB-D12 Battery Pack and certain batteries other than the EN-EL15. See the complete list of compatible batteries in the User’s Manual.
Shoot For Hours —
Even Through the Night!
Redesigned Shutter Mechanism
Create Cool Effects
  • The D810 offers shorter shutter intervals for seamless light-trail photography.
  • Use a continuous release mode (CH or CL), and set the shutter speed between 4 and 30 seconds, and you’ll be able to shoot for as long as your media cards and battery life allow.
  • Lets you create more dramatic composite photography using optional 3rd party software (not included).
Utter Shutter Stability
A completely redesigned sequencer/balancer mechanism — now with double cushions to limit mirror shock — dramatically reduce the internal vibrations normally associated with shutter systems. In addition, an innovative Electronic Front Curtain Shutter eliminates the need for mirror flipping, which not only cuts shutter release time, but also dramatically reduces vibration and noise. These low-noise/low-vibration enhancements result in ultra-clear images, even with the Nikon D810’s ultra-high megapixel size. The accelerated speed will surprise you, and the sharpness will astound you.
Versatility and Adaptability
Poetic Versatility
Features like Advanced Scene Recognition, Highlighted Metering and an in-camera
interval timer make the Nikon D810 highly adaptable.
What makes a D-SLR versatile? It adapts to the light. It adapts to the subject. It adapts to the task or intent. But the D810 does more than adapt; it performs and delivers. Case in point: an Advanced Scene Recognition System that automatically assesses a given scene and implements ideal controls. Or, a Highlight-Weighted Metering mode to determine ideal exposures for environments that usually lead to overblown shots. It all amounts to an inexhaustible tool that is just as creative as it is productive. The Nikon D810. The one camera you’ll find yourself reaching for… time and again.
Advanced Scene Recognition System
with a 91K-Pixel RGB Sensor
Highlight-Weighted Metering
Interval Timer Expanded
to 9,999 Exposures
Intelligent Image Sensing
A Nikon user favorite, this “thinking” sensor instantly analyzes the given scene — its colors, textures, and levels of contrast and brightness — and intelligently sets various automatic controls to give your shot the most natural look. It also detects faces with startling accuracy. Then, it utilizes all of this amassed information to provide more accurate autofocus, auto exposure, auto white balance and i-TTL flash settings across a range of compositional and lighting challenges.
Preserve Highlight Detail
Imagine for a moment a concert or a theatrical performance… with mood lights and spotlights and accents and effects all firing at once in all directions… and your subject, of course, is on a darkened stage. Hmmm, tough shot; in anyone’s book. But not for you and your Nikon D810. Highlight-Weighted Metering achieves just the right exposures for each shot by giving priority to the brighter portions of the scene — automatically! — without you having to manually readjust exposure on a constant basis.
Smooth Operator
Take more complete and dramatic time-lapse sequences in both still and video mode. The D810 renders sequential images with smooth exposure transitions to create awe-inspiring movies right in your camera.

This exposure-smoothing capability is also effective in interval-timer shooting mode. By utilizing full-size still images taken in interval-timer shooting mode, you can create time-lapse movies at close to 8K resolution (7,680 x 4,320 pixels) by processing them in post with third-party software.
Usability and Reliability
Performance By Design
From a brighter glass-prism optical viewfinder to its high-speed CF and SD card slots,
the Nikon D810 is the picture of dependability.
The Value of a Better Viewfinder
To capture more accurately and dependably what the human eye sees naturally, the Nikon D810’s optical viewfinder offers approximately 100% frame coverage and 0.7 magnification in FX-format. Thanks to an improved coating on the glass pentaprism and other optical components, the viewfinder image is now much brighter and reflects richer color. Plus, an organic EL information display element beneath the image area delivers greater clarity and visibility while consuming less power.
Lightweight, But Built to Last
Dual High-Speed Card Slots
— CF and SD
A 3.2-inch 1,229K-dot TFT
LCD Monitor with RGBW Array
Designed to Delight
The Nikon D810 is surprisingly lightweight, yet highly rugged and durable. A body made of magnesium alloy and a stringently tested weather and dust sealing helps to protect your investment against the elements when shooting on location. It’s tough in construction, yet subtle in nuance. In every way, the D810 is designed to surprise — and delight.
Twice as Convenient
The CF card slot is compatible with the latest UDMA 7 standards, and the SD slot is both SDXC- (Secure Digital eXtended Capacity) and UHS-I-compliant. Record jpeg and RAW on separate cards, stills and video on separate cards, or record the same data on two cards for instant real-time backup.
LCD Color Adjustment
RGBW Alignment
Split-Screen Zoom
i Button
Customizable LCD Monitor Colors
The Nikon D810’s LCD monitor color can be customized according to your preference or scenes. It’s also possible to adjust colors to more closely match the computer monitor that you use for image checks. This gives you greater confidence that you're achieving your desired results, plus shooting more efficiently, before transferring images to your computer.
Pixel-by-pixel zoom image preview for
precise focus monitoring
When you need to achieve incredibly precise focusing quickly, the D810’s live view monitor is invaluable. The D810’s zoom image preview and refined LCD monitor display method let you find the focus peak more easily, allowing you to confidently check focus with live view and shoot more productively.
A 3.2-inch 1,229K-dot TFT
LCD Monitor with RGBW Array
The D810’s LCD monitor (approximately 1,229k dots) uses an RGBW alignment to provide a wide viewing angle and a large 3.2-in./8-cm high-resolution screen. Thanks to these features, you can expect significantly enhanced visibility in bright daylight and a color reproduction range equivalent to the D4S. Playback images can be magnified up to approximately 46x (large-size images in FX-format) for quick and precise focus confirmation. The monitor also employs scratch and shock-resistant reinforced glass on the surface.
Split-screen display zoom for
accurate leveling
The D810’s live view features a split-screen zoom that is particularly useful when photographing architecture. Simply select two points where you would like to check the level during live view photography. Each point will then be enlarged and displayed on a split screen to efficiently confirm that the camera is leveled perfectly before shooting. Accessing this function is as simple as pressing the i button.
For a fast and efficient route to your menu settings, look no further than the D810’s i button. Press the button while in viewfinder shooting, in a still image/movie live view or in playback, and you’ll get quick access to relevant menu lists and setting changes.
Stems for Achieving Excellence
Nikon Lights the Way to Extraordinary Images
Nikon Speedlight and Creative Lighting Systems help you achieve all you imagine — and more! —
when flashing light, framing a mood or capturing that fleeting moment.
Looking for a flexible and predictable flash system that’s designed to work with you, not against you? The Nikon D810 shines. Enjoy remarkable balance and control with our i-TTL balanced fill-flash system, considered one of the industry’s most accurate flash systems. Working in concert with the 91K-pixel RGB sensor for rapid face detection and accurate highlight analysis, faces are illuminated with precision in relation to their surrounding brightness. Together with a built-in Speedlight with a guide number of 12/39 (ISO100, m/ft) — which is also controlled by a commander function, not often found in this class of D-SLR — these bright design and engineering enhancements mean better lighting for better images, regardless of shooting situations. Such system innovations in subject illumination are the brains behind the beauty of the Nikon D810.
Add Nikon’s SB-910 Speedlight
A Sudden Flash of Brilliance
Take lighting to the next level of performance with an optional Nikon SB-910 Speedlight (sold separately) — whether attached to the camera or used wirelessly. It delivers refined operability for greater flexibility, and it features a powerful guide number of 34/111.5 (ISO100, m/ft, STD, FX-format with zoom head set a 35 mm). Improved menus and extended controls provide even greater operational ease, and when coupled with a hard-type incandescent or fluorescent color filter, the SB-910 detects it and adjusts white balance instantly.
A Revelation in High Resolution
Whether this is your first Nikon, or the next of many you already own and trust, the Nikon D810 will become your number one go-to tool.
For Stills and Cinematic Video
The Nikon D810 Pro D-SLR integrates it all, seamlessly and intuitively — the 36.3 MP FX-format CMOS Sensor, the EXPEED 4 Advanced Image Processing Engine, the storied NIKKOR lenses and the varied options for Picture Control. These innovations, and so much more, all come together to make the Nikon D810 your must-have tool for any task. For stills and cinematic video.