VR mode options: Normal mode

There are three VR modes selectable according to shooting situations. VR NIKKOR lenses are divided into three groups — with Normal mode only, with Normal and Active modes, and with Normal and Tripod (tripod vibration reduction) modes.

Normal mode is recommended for most general scenes. VR (Vibration Reduction) is activated by pressing the shutter-release button halfway. It is said that a shutter speed of 1/[focal length (mm)] second or slower may cause image blur, however, this cannot be applied to every situation because there are differences in photographers' skill and lens/camera performance. For this reason, focusing on the actual degree of image blur caused by camera shake, Nikon's engineers compared an image with VR on and another without VR. Based on this procedure, vibration reduction effects providing the equivalent of a shutter speed of approx. three (with VR) or four (with VRII) stops faster are confirmed. Normal mode also includes automatic panning detection. For details, refer to "Panning shots using Normal mode".

Conceptual image of VR effects

Shutter speeds are approximate. The degree of image blur varies according to each photographer.