Optimized for each lens

Applications vary according to specifications of lenses. Each lens employs a mechanism that is optimally tuned considering performance characteristics and actual shooting situations as shown below — one of the advantages of Nikon's in-lens VR (Vibration Reduction) system.

Various VR units are used, depending on the type of lens.

Example 1: Zoom lens

With high-power zoom lenses such as the 18-200mm lens, blur characteristics differ at the maximum wide-angle position and the maximum telephoto position.

Example 2: Micro lens

In close-up shooting, the viewfinder image and taken images are likely to be blurred caused by camera shake. In this case, blur is effectively reduced by stabilizing the body with the elbow, e.g.

Example 3: Telephoto lens

With super-telephoto lenses such as the 400mm lens, even the slightest camera shake may cause a blurred viewfinder image and taken images. When using a monopod, it is recommended to set VR on and select Normal mode.