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DF-N1000 Electronic Viewfinder Service Advisory

Nikon DF-N1000 Electric Viewfinder Accessory for Nikon 1 V3 Service Advisory

Thank you for choosing Nikon for your photographic needs.

It has recently come to our attention that in some cases, a customer may have difficulty removing the DF-N1000 viewfinder accessory from the Nikon 1 V3 camera body hot shoe.

Nikon will be offering free inspection and service for the DF-N1000 viewfinder accessory. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this matter may cause you.

Affected Product
Nikon DF-N1000 Viewfinders that have (i) a serial number lower than “11003000”, and (ii) such lower serial number does not have a black dot on the serial number plate attached to the DF-N1000 viewfinder.

If your Nikon DF-N1000 Viewfinder has the serial number “11003000” or higher, or has a serial number lower than “11003000” but has a black dot on the serial number plate as demonstrated in the image below, your DF-N1000 Viewfinder is not an affected product, and this advisory does not apply to your DF-N1000 Viewfinder

Nikon will extend free service to those customers who have purchased units that are affected. To have your DF-N1000 viewfinder accessory serviced free of charge, please follow the below steps:

  1. Contact Nikon Customer Support by phone at 1-800-Nikon US (1-800-645-6687), 9AM–8PM EST, Monday to Friday (closed certain holidays) or online here
  2. Work with a Nikon customer service representative to confirm you have an affected DF-N1000 viewfinder, and you will be sent a pre-paid UPS return shipping label to send your viewfinder to Nikon for service
  3. Nikon will service the affected DF-N1000 viewfinder accessory free of charge and return it to the customer. The entire process, including shipping time, should take between 7-10 business days


Location of the Serial Number