A comprehensive video workshop for advanced photographers.

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This comprehensive 2-day video workshop (8:30am - 5:00pm) guides advanced photographers through the benefits, equipment and techniques of shooting video with HD-SLR cameras. Through a mix of classroom instruction along with real world shooting techniques, you’ll see how it’s done, then you’ll do it. Explore camera movement techniques, effective lighting for video, how to select the right accessories, how to capture the best audio interviews and more.
Nikon School: Educate + Inspire
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Explore the benefits of shooting video with HD-SLR cameras

Over 2 days of classroom instruction and hands-on training with professionals, this comprehensive Nikon School workshop teaches advanced photographers how to transition into creating outstanding video productions with their HD-SLR cameras.
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Real world shooting techniques

Explore camera movement techniques, effective lighting for video and how to capture the best audio interviews. Leave the workshop with the confidence to control your HD-SLR camera and explore added accessories in order to create a video production.
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Video vs. photography

Find out how video is similar to, and different from, still photography. Discover which skills that you already have will translate to video and which skills won’t.
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Selecting the right accessories

Learn how to use popular accessories for creating a video production and how to select the right accessories for your video.

Nikon School Tip: Microphones

Not sure which type of microphone to use with your HDSLR when capturing video? Here’s an easy analogy to remember: Stereo microphones such as Nikon’s ME-1 are like the wide-angle of mics, the shotgun type of microphone is like the telephoto of mics, and the lavaliere microphone is like the close-up or macro type of mic.

Nikon School Instructors

Picture of Bill Durrence

Bill Durrence

Bill is a professional photographer primarily involved with travel and location-based assignments. With over 35 years experience in editorial, corporate, and commercial photography, he is also a photography instructor and consultant. A former member of the Nikon Professional Services tech team, Bill taught at the Nikon School for over ten years. He is currently an associate with Blue Pixel, a major digital imaging consulting firm.

Picture of Reed Hoffmann

Reed Hoffmann

Over 25 years ago, Reed started in studios, then worked at newspapers, and now freelances out of Kansas City. He has been shooting digital since 1996 and teaching digital photography since 2000. Nationally recognized as an expert on digital photography, Reed has helped over 30 U.S. and Asian news organizations ease their transition to digital. He is also a founding member of Blue Pixel, a major digital imaging consulting firm.

Picture of Michael A. Schwarz

Michael A. Schwarz

Michael is an Atlanta-based freelance photojournalist and digital photography consultant. He is a three-time nominee for the Pulitzer Prize and a recipient of the Dag Hammarskjöld Award for Human Rights Advocacy Journalism, and he was chosen by Life magazine as one of the country’s outstanding young photographers. A frequent exhibitor and lecturer on photojournalism, Michael has completed more than 2,000 assignments for major national publications.

Picture of Carey Wagner

Carey Wagner

Carey Wagner is a photojournalist based in Brooklyn. After 10 action-packed years as a staff photographer at newspapers in California and Florida, she bravely went independent to pursue work about women around the world. She has lived and photographed extensively throughout the Caribbean, Latin America, and Asia Pacific. Her clients have included The New York Times, NBC News, the Los Angeles Times, CARE, and Sports Illustrated. Carey is fluent in Spanish, has experience diving as an underwater photographer, and loves the outdoors and dancing. She is committed to telling the stories of women who might not otherwise be heard while helping others make an impact through their photography.

Picture of Nick Didlick

Nick Didlick

Nick has been a professional photographer for nearly 30 years, and while working assignments for wire services and newspapers, he has seen the world through the viewfinders of his Nikon cameras. He was one of the early pioneers of digital camera capture and abandoned film-based photography for digital in 1994! Currently, he is an editorial and commercial photographer specializing in digital imaging as well as a digital imaging consultant, Web designer, and lecturer.

Picture of Bob Pearson

Bob Pearson

Bob spent most of his career as a photographer for wire services, covering political campaigns in the US and South and Central America, the U.S. invasion of Panama, the first Gulf War in Kuwait, Olympic and Pan American Games, Masters Golf, and World Cup Soccer. In 2003 he was promoted to Director of Photography for North America for AFP (Agence France Presse). He left that position in 2006 to move to the hill country of Texas and start a freelance career in commercial and editorial photography.

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Nikon School Cancellation Policy

2-Day Video Workshop: Registration cancellations are eligible for a full refund less a 10% (per ticket) transaction fee if Nikon receives a written cancellation request including the original eticket(s) at least ten business days prior to the Nikon School date. To submit your cancellation request, please email: nikonschool@nikon.net or mail to: Nikon School, 1300 Walt Whitman Road, Melville, NY 11747. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS AFTER THAT TIME.

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