Basics of Exposure and Camera Controls

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Add to CartBasics of Exposure and Camera Controls

Go beyond point and shoot.

Whether you’re new to photography or just ready to go beyond point and shoot, this fun 3-Hour Nikon School class will inspire you to make better photos by teaching you the basics of exposure and how to use your camera more effectively. Learn how to use shutter speed, ISO and aperture to form a proper exposure, what all those buttons, dials and menus are on your camera, how and when to use a flash, how to frame a scene or portrait for a great photo and much more—and have a great time while you do it!
Nikon School: Educate and Inspire
Photo of a hot air balloon with people standing around it in the foreground in low light

Start taking amazing photos

Get inspired to make better photos with this fun and informational 3-Hour Nikon School class for those wanting to go beyond point and shoot. Learn the basics of composition—how to frame a scene or portrait for a great photo—and how to use your camera more effectively. Get comfortable using shutter speed, ISO, aperture and white balance to form a proper exposure.
Four photos: two female portraits, a photo of yellow flowers and a photo of a tree in a park inset with the mode dial of a D-SLR

Get comfortable with your camera

Learn what all those buttons, dials and menus are on your camera. Translate exposure modes (P, S, A and M) on your camera to take great photos. Understand how to set your camera using the Shooting, Playback, Retouch and Custom Settings menus. Find out when a flash is necessary and how to add it. Even learn how to set up the camera to share images via Wi-Fi®!
Photo of yellow and red flowers and nice bokeh

Show off your creativity

Learn how to use exposure modes and exposure compensation to get more creative with your photos.
Photo of an amusement park swing ride with people on it

Shine some light on your subject

Learn about the benefits of using flash, when it’s necessary and how to properly add it to get well-lit photos.

Nikon School Tip: Scene Modes

Use scene modes when you can, especially in snow or at the beach when there’s bright light. Those modes are designed to help in those intensely lit situations, by keeping the surrounding scene looking bright while allowing your subject to be seen.

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  1. June 3, 2016

    Basics of Exposure and Camera Controls

    Marriott Marquis
    1535 Broadway
    New York, NY 10036
    Class time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm
    New York, New York
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