A camera to go everywhere

Families now have a camera to take wherever they go. Waterproof and shockproof, the COOLPIX S30 is ideal for everything from poolside fun to playground action. A 10.1 MP sensor produces top quality images, ideal for printing and sharing. The 3x wide-angle lens frames clear memories of all the important people and moments in your life.
VR Image Stabilization icon Motion Detection icon Rugged Reliability icon HD (1080p) Movie icon Smart Portrait System icon Scene Auto Selector icon Subject Tracking icon ISO Sensitivity Up To 1600 icon
CCD Sensor
Wide-Angle Optical Zoom
NIKKOR glass lens
Big, Bright
LCD Monitor
720p Movies
with Sound
An underwater photo taken with the COOLPIX S30.

Ready for action

Waterproof, shockproof**

Drop it, toss it, throw it in the pool. The S30 survives and lives to take the photo! Go underwater to create photos and movies at depths down to about 9.8 feet (3 meters). It’s also shockproof to withstand drops of up to about 2.6 feet.

Super simple to use

Easier than riding a bike!

Get super simple camera operation with the S30. You’ll love the oversized buttons designed to make it easy to create photos and movies. And an easy-to-understand menu makes photography a breeze.
A photo of a parent and child hiding beneath a brightly colored umbrella during a rainy day in a flower garden taken with the COOLPIX S30.
Back view of the COOLPIX S30 showing Selective Color, an in-camera Special Effect.

Fun for all

Creative touches that inspire

Have fun personalizing the photos you take. There are a number of creative options such as Selective Color that will inspire your creativity. The best part, immediately see how the chosen effect alters an image! View it all on the large and sharp 2.7-inch LCD monitor.

Movie making made easy

HD (720p) movies with sound

A simple press of the movie record button and cue the action. You will love playing director and recording the action! Touch a button and start recording. Memorable moments are saved in HD (720p). Show the family what you just filmed by viewing on the 2.7-inch LCD monitor, or save for later and gather around to watch on an HDTV or computer. Best yet, upload to the Web to share.
Still image from an HD (720p) movie taken with the COOLPIX S30.
Image of the COOLPIX S30 hooked up to an HDTV via the camera's built-in HDMI port.

Share the magic

In-camera slideshows with music

Instantly review and laugh over the pictures and movies of the day with the easy slideshow mode. Select playback effects and built-in music to accompany your show—fun to share with friends and family. Connects easily to a TV (optional EG-CP14 audio video cable required). Share the sights and sounds of your adventure.
Portrait of a mother and child taken with the COOLPIX S30.
Portraits made easy!

When your subject smiles the camera automatically takes the shot…easy!

An example of a photo taken with and without optical VR Image Stabilization.
Images are sharp and clear

Electronic VR Image Stabilization minimizes the effects of camera shake for sharper, clearer images.

Close-up (Macro) photo of rubber ducks taken with the COOLPIX S30.
Make close-up magic

With the S30 get as close as 2 inches from your subject for a new close-up view of your world.

Portrait of two children playing on a bed taken with the COOLPIX S30.
Just aim and shoot

Use Easy Auto mode for the times when you simply wish to enjoy the moment. Relax and let the camera do all the work. Just turn on the camera and press the shutter!

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