Nikon Ambassador Jerry Ghionis, WPPI’s most-awarded photographer, presents his first solo North American tour: How to Wow! Jerry will teach you HOW to WOW your clients every time with extraordinary images. Learn his method of resourcefully transforming any location and utilizing available light to create timeless pieces. Get in on the action with professional models, all-day tethered shooting, multiple sets, real time problem-solving, tips and templates to market and grow your business. You will be inspired, challenged, educated and entertained by one of the industry’s brightest stars.

Workshops & Seminars

The tour includes both daytime workshops and nighttime seminars in cities across the US and Canada.

Learn how to find or create the best light, what location and background is best, why choose a specific pose for your subject, how to set the exposure to suit the scene and subject, how to get an expression out of your subject and more.

For more details, or to register, please visit the How to Wow website.