Who should attend:

Anyone who has a basic understanding of how their camera works and wants to get started in the world of creative flash photography.

What to expect:

During this half-day class, you’ll learn the importance of the quality of light and how it relates to your images; as well as how to modify light for a great photograph.



TIP: Try using fill-flash in backlit situations (where the strongest light is behind your subject). Sometimes you just need the shot looking toward the sun, such as when there’s a beautiful sunset. Turn your flash on, or use a Speedlight to provide light for your subject.

Topics will include:

  • Understanding how to use available light and when to augment it

  • Learn how size, shape, distance, color and power affect photos

  • Light modifiers and how they can be used

  • What different flash sync modes are and when to apply them

  • Using the on camera flash to sync with multiple off camera Speedlights

  • A more in depth coverage of Nikon’s iTTL system and CLS (Creative Lighting System); and learn how to add light, including a flash demo