Who should attend:

Anyone who wants to learn how to take his or her Action, Sports, People and Portrait digital SLR photography to a higher level, both creatively and technically.

What to expect:

During this half-day class, our goal is to improve your action and people photography skills. Believe it or not, becoming a better action photographer will also make you a better people photographer because the best pictures are about moments and capturing them involves timing.



TIP: Freeze the sports action. The key is using a high shutter speed. On compact cameras, use the sports scene mode. On a D-SLR, pick a high shutter speed of 1/500th of a second or above. This will freeze almost all action. If the light is low, adjust your ISO to a higher sensitivity (800-1600 ISO), which will allow you to select a faster shutter speed.

Topics will include:

  • How to shoot action, even in poor light

  • Learn how “fast” lenses can make a difference to your photography

  • Which metering system is best for the type of action you’re photographing

  • Getting the most out of autofocus

  • How to anticipate action and reaction

  • Shooting in continuous mode and using fast media cards

  • Capturing people, from posing to candids

  • Using light, background, depth of field, lens choice and exposure for a pleasing portrait photo

  • Tips on camera settings for people photography