Who should attend:

The advanced photographer who wants to explore the benefits of shooting video with DSLR cameras.

What to expect:

This 2-day advanced workshop is a mix of classroom instruction along with real world shooting techniques; you'll see how it's done, then you'll do it. Leave with the confidence to control your DSLR camera and explore added accessories in order to create a video production.



TIP: Not sure which type of mic to use with your DSLR when capturing video? Here’s an easy analogy to remember: Stereo mics such as Nikon’s ME-1 are like the wide-angle of mics, the shotgun type of mic is like the telephoto of mics, and the lavaliere mic is like the close-up or macro type of mic.

Topics will include:

  • How video is similar to, and different from, still photography.

  • Camera movement techniques.

  • Effective lighting for video.

  • How to select the right accessories for your video.

  • Capturing the best audio Interviews.


Note: While bringing a camera is not required, many people find it helpful.