We see a lot of manipulated images; some are good, most not so good. But Zev Hoover’s Little Folk series, from which we selected this image, stopped us in our tracks. The adjectives imaginative, whimsical and clever came to mind even before we began to appreciate his skill and technique.

That’s Zev and his sister, Aliza, on the raft in a three-image Photoshop composite that began with Zev building the raft of popsicle sticks, a leaf and a candle, floating it out on a lake and taking a tightly-cropped shot. Individual photographs of himself and Aliza, sized to proportion, were layered over that image and ripples and appropriate shadows drawn in. Zev made all the images with a Nikon D7000 and a NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4.

In addition to the compositing, the editing process involved levels, curves, brightness and saturation adjustments to create a seamless blend that creates a believable unbelievable.

The concept for the Little Folk series? “Me and my sister just sort of had the idea one day,” Zev says. “Wouldn’t it be cool to be miniature people?” He was immediately taken with what could be done in an image just by changing the perspective. “A small piece of moss is just as useful for making a picture as a big open field,” he says.

It’s really way too early for him to think about a future in or with photography—he’s 14 years old—but there is some talk of doing a book of Little Folk pictures.