Slow View is a cool feature of select Nikon 1 digital cameras in which the camera captures a short sequence of still images and plays them back in slow motion. This allows you to choose the precise moment for your photo. With the shutter release button pressed halfway, the camera will record anywhere from 15 to 40 frames to its buffer (depending upon the camera model) over the course of 1.3 seconds and play them in a continuous slow motion loop until you press the shutter button all the way down, to select the frame you want. Slow View is found in the Best Moment Capture mode.

To get an idea of what Slow View does, check out the video on this page. You can see the action occurring in real time beyond the camera, but on the LCD, the action has slowed down so the user can see exactly which is the best frame to save. It's a great feature to have when you’re shooting sports or other fast action—allowing you to make sure you’re getting the ideal moment frozen in time.