SK-6 Power Bracket

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Product Details

External power unit and mounting bracket combination.
Offers convenient, adjustable side-mounted handle for entire camera/Speedlight system, or for creative lighting effects when unit is detached from camera.
Requires four AA batteries.
Used as an external power source or in combination with the Speedlight's own power source, the SK-6/6A reduces minimum recycling time by nearly half while doubling the total number of flashes available.
The SK-6 is not compatible with the SB-5000 or the SB-910 unless it is modified. The SK-6A will work with these strobes.
Reduces flash recycling time by half while nearly doubling the amount of available flashes.
Camera, flash, and all other necessary connections made within this single unit.
Not only does the SK-6/6A enable you to use the camera-mountable SB-900 as a grip-type flash, it also offers you remote flash capability.
The SK-6 will not work with any flash newer than the SB-28 unless it has been modified. The SK-6A has the new type plug and will work with newer strobes.

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