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Key Features

Multiple film formats (120/220, 35mm, etc.).

4000 dpi-true optical resolution.

16-bit A/D converter.

Large diameter scanner Nikkor Extra-low Dispersion (ED) glass lens.

Improved rod dispersion LED illumination technology.

High-speed scanning (35mm slide film - 40 seconds, 6 x 9 - 185 seconds).

Newly-developed, high-quality 3-line CCD sensor.

New, advanced image processing algorithm for color negative film.

Multi-sample scanning.

Quick AF and Quick Preview.

All NEW! Scan image enhancer.

High-speed IEEE 1394 interface.

Digital ICE4 AdvancedTM (Digital ICE Quad Advanced) with Digital ICE ProfessionalTM - more compatible with Kodachrome film.

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