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If you are ready to take your digital SLR photography beyond the automatic settings on your Nikon digital SLR camera, this 70 minute Nikon School® DVD is the perfect guide. Join Bob Krist, award-winning National Geographic Traveler Photographer, on a day of shooting and instruction. Along the way, Bob will offer valuable insights on choices you can make to begin composing and shooting both breathtaking photographs and compelling D-Movie video clips.

While on a variety of locations, Bob will share his knowledge of photography and Nikon digital SLRs, helping you to better understand:

  • Effective camera settings to achieve the best results in varied conditions
  • Choosing the right interchangeable lenses for your needs
  • Utilizing the Retouch Menu for in-camera image editing
  • Exposure fundamentals and shooting options
  • Tips on shooting D-movie video to add motion to your slideshows
  • The basics of low-light and off camera Speedlight techniques

During the day’s shooting, Bob visits familiar situations around the home and demonstrates a variety of creative photographic opportunities. Understanding Digital Photography covers the use of the Nikon Creative Lighting System, using Nikon Speedlights for portraits and small groups. Bob takes the mystery out of picture taking challenges in a variety of environments, including twilight portraits, landscapes and more.

This DVD offers valuable instruction to anyone interested in digital SLR photography, particularly those who have some familiarity with a digital SLR’s basic functions. For those unfamiliar with basic digital SLR operation, we recommend beginning with the Nikon School® DVD, Fast, Fun & Easy: Great Digital Pictures.

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