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Travel & Landscape

AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8E ED VR

Capture every adventure

Take in all the sights with a wide variety of Nikkor lenses that excel at photographing landmarks and scenery. Whether you’re traveling to far off exotic locales or into the woods behind your home, capturing your travels requires a lightweight lens with enough flexibility to keep you shooting all day without a camera bag to slow you down.

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Characteristics of a Travel & Landscape Lens


Be ready for anything that comes your way with versatile all-in-one zooms and invaluable primes.

Low-light capability

Sunrises and sunsets create some of the most amazing photo opportunities while your on your travels.


Take in the sights all day without fatigue thanks to compact, lightweight, grab and go design.

Headshot of Ami Vitale
Sometimes we get so obsessed with what’s in front of us, we get tunnel vision. Turn around, and you’ll find the best imagery may be behind you.

– Ami Vitale, Nikon Ambassador

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Prime vs. Zoom

Product grouping of NIKKOR Prime Lenses
Product grouping of NIKKOR Zoom Lenses

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