Creativity from any point of view

Stimulate your creativity. The NIKON D5100 offers a host of new photographic and video tools that deliver superior performance and exceptional image quality with surprising versatility. With 16.2 megapixels, a swivel Vari-Angle LCD monitor, full HD movie capabilities, new EFFECTS Mode and new HDR setting, you hold the power and performance to capture beautiful moments and the freedom to get creative.
Compose great overhead shots with the Nikon D5100's Vari-angle display.>

Vari-angle LCD Monitor

Creativity from any point of view

Take pictures or record movies from a unique viewpoint, the D5100's 3.0 inch, super sharp, 921,000-dot Vari-angle LCD monitor allows for versatile high quality viewing and playback. Explore every angle, with overhead shots, waist level candids, ground level and fun self portraits; you will never miss a shot. This Vari-angle monitor allows you to be creative from any point of view.

Effects mode

More fun and artistic pictures and movies

The D5100 incorporates an amazing array of special effects for use when taking still pictures or recording D-Movie Full HD movies. Selective Color isolates any color within the scene; capture details in places too dark for your own eyes using Night Vision; create bright, glowing images filled with atmosphere with High Key; emphasize the mood of a scene using Low Key; Miniature Effect makes a scene look like a miniature scale model; and Color Sketch creates color outlines of the subject that are played back as a series of stills in a slide show.
Isolate the vibrant shades of blue in your subject's dress with the D5100's Selective Color effect.

Tell better stories

Full HD 1080p D-Movie with Sound

The D5100 delivers exceptionally high-quality movie performance due to its full HD capability while the latest in Full-time autofocus takes the guess work out of tracking your subjects while in motion. Effortless moviemaking is at your fingertip thanks to D5100's ergonomically placed Live View and Movie start button. Your D-Movies will come to life thanks to D5100's sound recording capability - get stereo sound with Nikon's optional ME-1 Stereo Microphone.
Create stunning multi-exposure images with the D5100's built-in HDR (High Dynamic Range) capability.

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Exquisite detail in highlight and shadow

In scenes with extreme contrasts, such as bright, sunlit clouds and a foreground deep in shadow, it was once quite difficult to render the textures of both equally. Not any more. D5100 combines two exposures to create an image revealing an extremely wide dynamic range, but with less noise and richer color gradation than ever before.
Capture every detail with remarkable clarity—the D5100 brings image quality in a class of its own.

Stunning image quality

Image quality in a class of its own

Incorporating the latest Nikon D-SLR technologies such as the 16.2MP DX-format CMOS sensor and EXPEED 2 image processing engine, the D5100 delivers outstanding image quality. Its CMOS sensor offers a remarkably wide ISO range (ISO 100 to 6400) with reduced noise which enables you to shoot at faster shutter speeds and capture scenes and subjects with less blur. Handheld shooting and full HD movies come out looking great even in low light.
The D5100's 16.2MP DX-format CMOS sensor
Nikon's EXPEED 2 image processing engine
You won't miss a moment of action thanks to the D5100's high-speed continuous shooting.
Speed and performance that delivers

With high-speed continuous shooting at approx. 4 frames per second, you'll never miss a moment and with D5100's large optical viewfinder providing accurate and realistic composition, you'll get a precise view and focus in every situation.

The D5100's 11-point AF system works together with the Scene Recognition System to keep your subject in focus where it's located in the frame.
Capture your subjects precisely

D5100's 11-point AF system provides flexibility to compose the shot you want ensuring your subject is captured sharply wherever it's located in the frame. Working together with the Scene Recognition System, the camera can keep your main subject in focus even if the composition changes using Nikon's exclusive 3D-tracking.

Create better portraits—even when shooting outdoors in bright sunlight—with the D5100's built-in pop-up flash.
Brilliance whenever needed

Vital for dark or backlit subjects, the D5100's built-in pop-up flash automatically brightens your subject even when shooting outdoors in bright sunlight. Expect natural looking results thanks to intelligent flash control.

Expand your picture taking capabilities with Nikon's comprehensive lineup of NIKKOR lenses.
NIKKOR lenses expand your vision

From wide angle to telephoto, from prime to Micro, the NIKKOR interchangeable lens lineup offers more choices to see and capture still images and D-Movies of the world from your perspective.

1Special effects video examples were produced using a pre-production D5100 D-SLR.

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D5100 Body Only

Price $599.95
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18-55mm VR Lens Kit

D5100 Camera Body AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR
Price $699.95
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D5100 18-55mm VR Lens Kit 4.6 5 738 738
great camera I am so happy that I went out and got the nikon D5100 August 6, 2012
Fantastic DSLR for beginners This is my first DSLR, and it is so easy to use. Using the auto mode, you can simply shoot photos and get great results. It also has all the manual options as well although I have not learned how to use all of them yet. I have been playing with the aperture-priority mode, and I am having a lot of fun using this camera. August 6, 2012
Great images, fantastic low light performance! I've had my D5100 for about 3 weeks now and am thrilled with it! Its the first D-SLR I've had that shoots useful night shots with very little noise. Indoors with no flash is also no problem. The settings are easy to access, easy to use, and the camera is very fast. Battery life hasn't been a problem either. I bought this as an upgrade from my D60 and it's proven well worth it. I only have two minor issues: one is that I would love to see a DOF Preview on the camera; it doesn't seem worth it to upgrade to the D7000 for this one feature but it's the ONLY feature lacking on the D5100 in my opinion. The other thing I have noticed is that when I shoot wide open (f1.8 or so) indoors with no flash, the auto white balance is off and I have to correct in Photoshop. Not a major deal, and I can always use manual white balance too, but its the ONLY issue with an otherwise outstanding camera! August 5, 2012
Quality pictures, many features I only have been using it for a few weeks, but found that all the basic functions allow me to take great pictures. So far I've only used pre-set modes. I was impressed with how the camera night landscape mode produced a stunning photo of our pool at night (using a tripod of course). I put this photo as my laptop's desktop background. One thing I would really love if Nikon included a tutorial of all the advanced features (manual mode) that this camera has. I could not find anything user friendly on Internet. It leaves the user with a choice of self trial and error or going to a photography class. I think it should be beneficial to Nikon to see that the users had a good reference tool to take great pictures using ALL the capabilities this camera offers. Lastly, I've got more than a decent quality video on first try, both motion and sound. D5100 is by far superior to what smart phones could do, it is well worth lugging with you when you need great quality pictures for life memories August 5, 2012
Great camera i have been use my Nikon D5100 is really good camera with great futures it's have also good focus i like to use this camera ,all you need is Nikon D5100. August 5, 2012
Great Camera I bought my Nikon D5100 a little over a week ago and find it a great camera. It came with a AF-S 18-55mm VR lens and a AF-S 55-300mm lens. I like both lenses. I have a Nikon F from the 60's and it has a feel similar, which I like. I hope this new camera lasts as well. There are a lot of new features which I'm learning about and trying. The quality of the pictures are good and I do like the fact that I don't have to be buying film and carrying several rolls of 35mm film with me all the time. August 4, 2012
Love everything about it! This is a great camera in nearly every aspect. I use the Nikkor 18-200 lens and there is a bit of vignetting at 18mm with a flash. Just have to remember to zoom out just a bit. Beautiful photos, great features and affordable price. August 4, 2012
Not too complicated, not too simple, JUST Right! I am a somewhat advanced amateur that bought my first Nikon about 40 years ago. I still have it and it still works fine! While those of us that are older have really had to adjust to plastic cameras and lens barrels, I must say that this is a camera that should satisfy 90% of people that have some knowledge of photography. Get a few more Nikon lenses with metal mounts and have fun! August 2, 2012
Best camera for the price At first, I couldn't decide between the 5100 and the Canon. At much recon on the internet I finally went with the Nikon and I couldn't be happier. I immediately took an introduction to digi class and I learned almost immediately how to shoot in manual. LOVE IT!!! Best purchase. August 2, 2012
SLR for newbie I just purchased my Nikon D5100 and from the time it came out of the box, I've been taking great pictures. It is set up so beginners can use it. But there are lots of things to learn-I seem to learn at least one new things each day and my pictures just keep getting better. August 1, 2012
wow this is the best camera . the color it catches is unbeleivable, take it with me everywhere,thanks nikon you rock. August 1, 2012
Amazed, more, each day I'm a newbie to cameras and photography, for close to a year now, maybe, but all my research said the D5100 can keep up with any task I'll need to do for a very long time to come, and if I go pro, it'll become a great second camera. Even when we compare the price and size of the sensor, each lens, and all of the accessories and stuff to what a pro's uses, I am getting what I need for right now, and more. So much to learn, this camera amazes me with all the options to learn with. Some say other brands are easier to learn from but this D5100 has better everything and it does make my hair stand up and butterflies in my stomach as I learn, like a little kid with a new toy all over again, but with a big learning curve. Do other brands do this, don't know. It isn't my intent to endorse any name brands, but all that research has helped, and was right-on. I took the challenge. Because of the cost of cameras and lenses today, I needed 1 that I can learn so much from and yet use as a point and shoot to start as I'm learnning, found it. "D5100" August 1, 2012
The best camera I've owned thus far When I was researching for the camera I wanted to buy originally I just wanted the D3100 because it was cheaper and then I wondered about the cannon T3i and saw it had extra megapixels (compared to the D5100) but then I continued to research the two and found that it also had a smaller sensor size and i went to the camera shop and they said that jamming a bunch of megapixels in a small sensor creates unwanted noise. Pros to the Nikon D5100: better in low light Bigger Sensor (it has the same sensor as the professional $1200 camera the d7000) Better contrast detection and has better detail in low lights and high lights Better color spectrum So basically clearer, crisper and more vivid pictures Faster frames per second and no lagging (Ive tested this out myself the canon would start to lag after 6 or so shots but the Nikon never stopped shooting even after 30 frames) Fast focusing (11 focus points) Face detection and subject tracing Its also a lot quieter when trying to take photos at dinner or weddings it comes in handy. It also has tons of add ons which include miniature effect, In camera HDR! Selective color, High/low key and many more. It has continuous focus when shooting video. It has an OUTSTANDING battery life. All in all it is the best camera I have owned so far! My friend has the D3200 and she can tell the difference between the two. I would recommend it to any family or friend. I would also reccomend getting a second lens with a high F stop P.S. Remember its the person who creates great photos it only helps to have a good camera. July 31, 2012
The camera operates with minimal ease and the photos are fabulous I first purchased this camera on the 3rd of July 2012 and I assembled it in the parking lot of the church were we were going to watch the fire works. Well as soon as it got dark I started taking the photos and just about every pictures was in perfect focus and the detail of the smoke etc from the display was outstanding. I would recommmend this camera for any one with little or many years of experience All the pictures were hand held no support was used at all July 31, 2012
This one is amazing I just wanted to shoot several portraits for better than point and shoot cameras so I bought without thinking, no reading reviews and no knowledge of Nikon. I shot thousands film camera photo before and this D5100 is the my first DSLR. I could not believe the quality of photos from this little camera for money. I got 2 lens set and used 55-300mm for portrait. when I used this lens I felt like I was shooting photo with lens because of camera was so light and smaller than D90 up. I may need a little bigger and heavier body but this one does everything I need. I will keep this camera even I get FX model in near future. July 30, 2012
Awesome Camera I am still learning the camera and all the features, but looking forward to getting another lens to really see what it can do!! July 30, 2012
Great camera, fantastic options I had always wanted a Nikon and finally took the plunge. I wish I had done this 40 years ago. This camera is easy to use so my family members can use it but there are so many options which i have learned and will use such as Portrait, Landscape, and Candlelight. It also has all the custom settings available for the more technical user. July 30, 2012
Make big smile on face :) I love my Nikon D5100 camera. I trying to achieved my photography passion with this camera. This is a powerful camera with light weight and it's 16.2 megapixel makes more powerful. I used almost all functions,like some time I click through remote,some time watch my picture and video review through HDMI on my Sony Bravia 3D TV . It looks awesome. This is just a great camera. Thank you, Nikon. July 29, 2012
Recently bought this camera. I was in between D7000 and D5100. I'm a happy camper! I did extensive research on what to buy just to make sure I get the most bang for my buck. And so far I love my camera I recently took it on a trip to North Carolina and I'm so glad I did. I bought mine with the 18-55 mm lens and I felt it was especially good and crisp on this camera. The tilt screen is really handy with doing self portraits or pictures with friends. I am still learning how to use the camera and have had it about a week. So far no complaints! Very user friendly it even shows which setting are best for what you may be trying to shoot right on the screen. With and ISO the same as the D7000 and the camera much cheaper I had more money for another lens. I'm very happy with my purchase. Here are some pictures I have taken on auto mode as I figure out manual on Nikon cameras as I'm not used to it. Though I am not a complete amateur, I have had 2 years of photo classes and have worked with manual on film cameras for over a year. I have been taking photos for 3 years. July 29, 2012
Love my Nikon d5100 Only had my Nikon d5100 for a week but I am already in love with it! The auto functions are super easy and I can't wait to learn how to use the other features. My eye sees the photo, but my Nikon d5100 makes the finish product fabulous! July 28, 2012
Just a Great Camera One of the best cameras I have ever owned. Great features to make you photos beautiful! July 27, 2012
Awesome, easy to use, high quality camera There is much to learn to use this camera, but from the start, it is easy to take excellent high quality photos. I would highly recommend an additional longer range lens. I added the Nikkor 55-300, which takes detailed clear pictures at large distances. Great for action and outdoor. July 26, 2012
Keeping the Legagy Going On I have been shooting Nikon from the FM days, and have kept up with the changes in the equipment we use, but not HOW we shoot. Nikon glass rules, and the 5100 is happy that any lens from the "good old days" will still take great photos. July 25, 2012
Love at first sight i feel in love with this camera the first time i seen it. but after playing with it (taking photos) i knew that this camera was ganna be a member of my family for a long time. pictures are priceless. im not a photographer, but take pictures every single day of my kids! picture quality is awesome. still finding new things my camera can do each day! July 25, 2012
Amazing quality I have waited on a camera like this forever and absolutely love it. I hope it lasts for many years to come. July 24, 2012
Wonderful This is my first "real" camera and so far I have really enjoyed it. It has all sorts of wonderful features and with a telephoto lens; definitely worth the investment. Great quality. July 24, 2012
Great camera for the price and quality. This was my first upscale digital camera coming from film cameras, point and shot and now the D5100. I found this camera was very easy to learn to use and started buying a better flash unit and extra battries and flash cards. Since my purchase I'v enjoyed taking more photos and learning the features of the software provided to improve my photos. The ease of use makes taking different subjects a pleasure. July 23, 2012
Excellent Camera I love the ergonomics of this camera and if you add a good wide angle and tele photo lens to the system you'll be able to cover anything you wish to accomplish in photography. The special in camera effects just add to the value of this little Nikon. July 23, 2012
Great Camera I love this camera. I wanted something better than my old point and shoot that would give me great pictures. Just make sure to get some decent lenses the 18-55 mm lens is not ideal for good picture taking. It has ton of features that I love and the pictures are great July 22, 2012
the best of it class. I had the niken d40 before .but thought is the best , am so proud with this d5100 and to show off with friends July 20, 2012
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