Creativity from any point of view

Stimulate your creativity. The NIKON D5100 offers a host of new photographic and video tools that deliver superior performance and exceptional image quality with surprising versatility. With 16.2 megapixels, a swivel Vari-Angle LCD monitor, full HD movie capabilities, new EFFECTS Mode and new HDR setting, you hold the power and performance to capture beautiful moments and the freedom to get creative.
Compose great overhead shots with the Nikon D5100's Vari-angle display.>

Vari-angle LCD Monitor

Creativity from any point of view

Take pictures or record movies from a unique viewpoint, the D5100's 3.0 inch, super sharp, 921,000-dot Vari-angle LCD monitor allows for versatile high quality viewing and playback. Explore every angle, with overhead shots, waist level candids, ground level and fun self portraits; you will never miss a shot. This Vari-angle monitor allows you to be creative from any point of view.

Effects mode

More fun and artistic pictures and movies

The D5100 incorporates an amazing array of special effects for use when taking still pictures or recording D-Movie Full HD movies. Selective Color isolates any color within the scene; capture details in places too dark for your own eyes using Night Vision; create bright, glowing images filled with atmosphere with High Key; emphasize the mood of a scene using Low Key; Miniature Effect makes a scene look like a miniature scale model; and Color Sketch creates color outlines of the subject that are played back as a series of stills in a slide show.
Isolate the vibrant shades of blue in your subject's dress with the D5100's Selective Color effect.

Tell better stories

Full HD 1080p D-Movie with Sound

The D5100 delivers exceptionally high-quality movie performance due to its full HD capability while the latest in Full-time autofocus takes the guess work out of tracking your subjects while in motion. Effortless moviemaking is at your fingertip thanks to D5100's ergonomically placed Live View and Movie start button. Your D-Movies will come to life thanks to D5100's sound recording capability - get stereo sound with Nikon's optional ME-1 Stereo Microphone.
Create stunning multi-exposure images with the D5100's built-in HDR (High Dynamic Range) capability.

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Exquisite detail in highlight and shadow

In scenes with extreme contrasts, such as bright, sunlit clouds and a foreground deep in shadow, it was once quite difficult to render the textures of both equally. Not any more. D5100 combines two exposures to create an image revealing an extremely wide dynamic range, but with less noise and richer color gradation than ever before.
Capture every detail with remarkable clarity—the D5100 brings image quality in a class of its own.

Stunning image quality

Image quality in a class of its own

Incorporating the latest Nikon D-SLR technologies such as the 16.2MP DX-format CMOS sensor and EXPEED 2 image processing engine, the D5100 delivers outstanding image quality. Its CMOS sensor offers a remarkably wide ISO range (ISO 100 to 6400) with reduced noise which enables you to shoot at faster shutter speeds and capture scenes and subjects with less blur. Handheld shooting and full HD movies come out looking great even in low light.
The D5100's 16.2MP DX-format CMOS sensor
Nikon's EXPEED 2 image processing engine
You won't miss a moment of action thanks to the D5100's high-speed continuous shooting.
Speed and performance that delivers

With high-speed continuous shooting at approx. 4 frames per second, you'll never miss a moment and with D5100's large optical viewfinder providing accurate and realistic composition, you'll get a precise view and focus in every situation.

The D5100's 11-point AF system works together with the Scene Recognition System to keep your subject in focus where it's located in the frame.
Capture your subjects precisely

D5100's 11-point AF system provides flexibility to compose the shot you want ensuring your subject is captured sharply wherever it's located in the frame. Working together with the Scene Recognition System, the camera can keep your main subject in focus even if the composition changes using Nikon's exclusive 3D-tracking.

Create better portraits—even when shooting outdoors in bright sunlight—with the D5100's built-in pop-up flash.
Brilliance whenever needed

Vital for dark or backlit subjects, the D5100's built-in pop-up flash automatically brightens your subject even when shooting outdoors in bright sunlight. Expect natural looking results thanks to intelligent flash control.

Expand your picture taking capabilities with Nikon's comprehensive lineup of NIKKOR lenses.
NIKKOR lenses expand your vision

From wide angle to telephoto, from prime to Micro, the NIKKOR interchangeable lens lineup offers more choices to see and capture still images and D-Movies of the world from your perspective.

1Special effects video examples were produced using a pre-production D5100 D-SLR.

D5100 Body Only

Price $599.95
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18-55mm VR Lens Kit

D5100 Camera BodyAF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR
Price $699.95
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D5100 4.6 5 737 737
Great introduction to the DSLR World When my point and shoot died I decided to upgrade to a DSLR and thus far I've been thrilled with my Nikon. I could use it out of the box with the point & shoot experience, but it's great to know that I have a camera I can grow into. June 30, 2012
For beginners and beyond I've dabbled in photography over the years, but this is the first SLR camera that I've purchased. I love the features, especially the reminders/tips that are stored on the camera for various functions. I LOVE this camera and can't wait to get out and start snapping shots!!!! June 30, 2012
Nice upgrade from a D40 My D40 had a problem with holding the cf card. It would have cost $200.00 to repair, so I opted for a newer model. Checked out the D5100 and D7000 and decided the 7000 was a little too much money for me (being a casual shooter). So far I have no regrets, The D5100 handles the same way the D40 did with minor differences in button layout. As far as video...........If I wanted to shoot video I would have bought a video recorder. But overall I am very satisfied with the purchase and the pics are fantastic. The only difference I see is that the D40 had a flash sync speed of 1/500 and the D5100 is 1/200 I believe. No biggie. just something I noticed June 29, 2012
fast pictures grat features Love the new camera!! ease of use, sharp pictures! bought it for my son's wedding and love the pictures!!!!! June 29, 2012
Great Camera for the price. I purchased this camera after researching and reading professional reviews. It is a great camera for my needs and experience level. It has features that will allow me to grow. I plan on taking a photography course soon and have a son who uses a Nikon D3s and has extensive experience. I bought as a package that came with two lenses ( 18-55 and 55-300). I will use it for vacations, soccer matches, indoor sports and outdoor hikes. It has the same image sensor as the D7000 and does 1080 movies. It has a user friendly menu format. Overall I am very pleased with this purchase. June 29, 2012
D5100 #1 very fast speed very low noise beautiful color To be improved: not easy to set self-timer Self-timer can only take 1 picture. I like the option to take 2 picture with a simple click on self-timer. June 28, 2012
It left my expectations in the dust I had high expectations to start but it surpassed all of them. After attempting (and failing) to use my dad's old D1X to take anything even slightly resembling a decent picture, I recieved this and let me tell you, it's simply phenomenal. The picture quality is better then I thought it'd be and it's very easy to use. I've had no problems to date and the battery life is fantastic (so long as you don't constantly use the screen to check your pictures as you take them). Overall, this camera is a greater starter and when I finally decide to move up the nikon food chain in SLR cameras I'll be quite sad to see this one left unused. June 28, 2012
Finally - dependability!! I'm no professional photographer, but I love this camera. I took it with me on a "learn how to use the camera" vacation to Reno and it performed beautifully. The shutter actually released when I wanted it to (no delay as on my digital point-and-shoot), and the shots are really clear and great looking. I have a class planned to really delve into the many things this camera will do and am looking forward to learning more. So far - it's the best! June 28, 2012
Great for sports shots It brought the camera primarily to take action photos of my granddaughters playing soccer. I used it this past weekend for a tournament and loved the results. The ability to take a series of fast action shots it great. It also can serve as a great teaching tool. Wished I had brought the camera sooner. June 27, 2012
Awesome starter SLR This is my first SLR but I took my time to pick what I really wanted. The image quality is incredible. Once I learned to use the pro side of the dial (and still much to learn) the screen is so much help I feel like a pro. I suggest newbies purchase a good book specifically about the D5100. I love the from snapshots to great shots book. I learned things it would have taken me months to learn organically. All I all very user friendly and even with kit lens the camera preforms quickly and gives great results. Didn't buy for video so haven't even used it, can't comment. Bottom line, my camera geek friends are super jealous. June 27, 2012
Great Camera Good Price I really like the camera. It has a nice build to it and takes great pictures in the fully automatic mode. There also seems to be lots of accessories for it. The only thing I did not like was user's manual. It is great if you know all about DSLR cameras. I had to buy a third party book to really learn how to use the camera to its full potential. June 27, 2012
I just LOVE this camera! I am not a wealthy person. I have wanted a DSLR camera for a VERY long time, and did a lot of research while saving the money. Allowing myself to spend $900 on a camera was difficult when there are so many other things that I could have done with the money, but I am so glad that I purchased the Nikon D5100. It is an incredible camera that is easy to use right out of the box, but has many features that allow me to experiment, learn, and grow as a photographer. I just can't put the camera down! The photos that I take are crisp and clear. June 27, 2012
Great Camera Great camera. It does lack one feature that I would have liked and that is panoramic shots with stitching capabilities. June 26, 2012
Nikon cameras get better and better I have a nikon D50 and D70. The D5100 is an exceptionally great camera and my newest addition. I use the SB-800 from my other cameras and the Nikon 18-200vr lense (highly recommend) with the d5100. Great results! I have also been experimenting with other non s type lenses with the d5100 with very good results. In particular, the nikon af 60mm micro nikkor and the older nikon hn-27 500mm reflex nikkor. Price/performance for the D5100 is exceptional. June 26, 2012
Expectations Met and Exceeded I had been using a non SLR zoom digital with OK results but I needed better clarity for close up nature photos. I have experienced Nikon optics in the past so I knew what I needed to do. The D5100 bundle was a perfect fit. While there will be uses for my other camera the D5100 will be my "go to" camera. Outstanding features, sharp pictures and lots of growth potential in this little powerhouse of a camera.YES!!!!!!!!! June 26, 2012
great starter slr! Great tool to start in the dslr world very very happy with it .. I love the effect mode! June 26, 2012
An old dog gets a new toy I am 68 and have found a new toy that is so much fun I can hardly put it down. My new Nikon D5100 is capable of doing so many professional photographic thiings that I will be learning for a long time how to have fun with it. In the mean time I find my self using the preprogrammed settings tha are easily identified to take more pictures than I have ever done before. Our grandson's graduation was the first stop and it was great having a 300 zoom to get up close and personal during the ceremony. We leave for Alaska this week and off to Africa in August. I CAN WAIT!!!!! June 26, 2012
A Lot of Camera for the Money I was very excited when my husband said he wanted to purchase a digital camera. I have always used a Nikon camera and was super thrilled to make the switch to digital SLR! I've only had this one for a week but it so far has exceeded my expectations. Lightweight and comfortable in the hand. I've already bought a 55-200mm lens to give me a bigger range of zoom. I'm not a professional photographer but want more than just a point and shoot. This fit the bill and didn't dent the budget to badly! :D June 25, 2012
Seriously Awesome Camera I am an expecting parent of Twin boys in a couple months so I wanted to get prepared to document the journey. Having majored in Photography when I was in High School and using point and click digital cameras for the last two decades, I wanted to get back into shooting with an SLR camera knowing how well these perform. Well... DSLR. I chose the D5100. This camera is great. It has the coolest presets from all the standards you would expect in high end point and clicks and then blows them all away with special effects like Selective Color, Miniaturizing, and Sketch. I have never seen a camera do this. All the other presets are incredible and allow for quick selection and instant successful photos, but the real power comes in with the manual settings and then the partial manual settings. For instance, you can go full manual and control everything: Aperature, Shutter Speed, ISO, & Focus. Or you may want to jump to only controlling the F-stop and letting the camera do the rest for you. You can do this for Shutter Speed as well. Or maybe your want to control everything manually except the focus. Totally cool options and fexibility. The pictures are as pro quality as you can get and you can even adjust the final product right on the camera with its many editing features. Totally sick! If you are looking for a great (not good) but great camera and you want to basically become the family photographer, and don't have the money to spend on absolute pro equipment, get this camera. Heck, if you are thinking of becoming a pro get this camera! June 25, 2012
Nikon D5100 One of my favorite types of photos is flowers, there is no comparison to my old camera to the Nikon in color saturation and vividness....Spectacular...I had done quite a bit of research in products but I knew that would ultimately by a Nikon camera. The abilities to manipulate the picture are endless. Photography really makes you visualize your world differently. The Nikon D5100 is very sophisticated in it's technology and takes photography to a whole new level. June 24, 2012
what is not to like this camera is simply amazing!!! Great pictures and even better software June 24, 2012
Love the camera This is the first DSLR camera i have owened but so far i love it. It takes excellent pictures and the options are great. I love that you can edit the pictures right on the camera, great speed and just overall great camera. June 24, 2012
Great quality at a great price Have not been able to go over all the features but it's nice to have a quality product. June 23, 2012
Nikon D51000 Nikon D5100 is all I expected to be, GREAT Camera!!! June 23, 2012
Excellent camera Many, many good things to say about this camera, so many I won't even bother listing any. Blows Canon away in sensor quality, and Nikon's glass wins as well. My only real complaint is that the user interface for adjusting settings needs refinement to make it more intuitive. June 22, 2012
High Praise! I turned the Mode off Auto - No need to! Fantastic camera for the money! June 22, 2012
You do not need to be a photographer to use this camera. I have owned a few cameras, and Nikkon is #1. This camera does all the work for you. I have not missed a precious moment with my first grandchild. Not one blurry picture. The photos all look so real. I can make portraits and frame them in a way that you would think I was the artist. Best investment I ever made. The lens collection for this model is phenomenal. Thanks Nikkon Love photography at this price. Diana June 22, 2012
Awesome!! This camera does awesome! I recently took some pictures late at night and the lighting is great! June 22, 2012
High qulity product, great deal! I have used the 5100 for almost a year now and couldn't be happier with it. I shoot lots of nature shots, especially macros and the camera has performed flawlessly. As a serious amateur on a limited budget, I have always wanted a Nikon and now I have a good one. The viewfinder is informative, the autofocuis is precise, and the menus are clear enough for even me to understand and use. Although I haven't used the video capability often, I was surprised how crisp it was. The camera is so packed with capability, I find myself shooting much more than I used to before I purchased the 5100. I totally recommend this camera to anyone who is serious about photography! June 21, 2012
Great for my budget especially for Entry Level Photographers I just bought my D5100 last May 2012 and it's also my first DSLR camera. I love the flip screen + live mode when capturing at at low angles. Moreover, I like the preset configurations for fast capturing of photos. The specifications are wonderful! Highly Recommended! June 20, 2012
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