Creativity from any point of view

Stimulate your creativity. The NIKON D5100 offers a host of new photographic and video tools that deliver superior performance and exceptional image quality with surprising versatility. With 16.2 megapixels, a swivel Vari-Angle LCD monitor, full HD movie capabilities, new EFFECTS Mode and new HDR setting, you hold the power and performance to capture beautiful moments and the freedom to get creative.
Compose great overhead shots with the Nikon D5100's Vari-angle display.>

Vari-angle LCD Monitor

Creativity from any point of view

Take pictures or record movies from a unique viewpoint, the D5100's 3.0 inch, super sharp, 921,000-dot Vari-angle LCD monitor allows for versatile high quality viewing and playback. Explore every angle, with overhead shots, waist level candids, ground level and fun self portraits; you will never miss a shot. This Vari-angle monitor allows you to be creative from any point of view.

Effects mode

More fun and artistic pictures and movies

The D5100 incorporates an amazing array of special effects for use when taking still pictures or recording D-Movie Full HD movies. Selective Color isolates any color within the scene; capture details in places too dark for your own eyes using Night Vision; create bright, glowing images filled with atmosphere with High Key; emphasize the mood of a scene using Low Key; Miniature Effect makes a scene look like a miniature scale model; and Color Sketch creates color outlines of the subject that are played back as a series of stills in a slide show.
Isolate the vibrant shades of blue in your subject's dress with the D5100's Selective Color effect.

Tell better stories

Full HD 1080p D-Movie with Sound

The D5100 delivers exceptionally high-quality movie performance due to its full HD capability while the latest in Full-time autofocus takes the guess work out of tracking your subjects while in motion. Effortless moviemaking is at your fingertip thanks to D5100's ergonomically placed Live View and Movie start button. Your D-Movies will come to life thanks to D5100's sound recording capability - get stereo sound with Nikon's optional ME-1 Stereo Microphone.
Create stunning multi-exposure images with the D5100's built-in HDR (High Dynamic Range) capability.

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Exquisite detail in highlight and shadow

In scenes with extreme contrasts, such as bright, sunlit clouds and a foreground deep in shadow, it was once quite difficult to render the textures of both equally. Not any more. D5100 combines two exposures to create an image revealing an extremely wide dynamic range, but with less noise and richer color gradation than ever before.
Capture every detail with remarkable clarity—the D5100 brings image quality in a class of its own.

Stunning image quality

Image quality in a class of its own

Incorporating the latest Nikon D-SLR technologies such as the 16.2MP DX-format CMOS sensor and EXPEED 2 image processing engine, the D5100 delivers outstanding image quality. Its CMOS sensor offers a remarkably wide ISO range (ISO 100 to 6400) with reduced noise which enables you to shoot at faster shutter speeds and capture scenes and subjects with less blur. Handheld shooting and full HD movies come out looking great even in low light.
The D5100's 16.2MP DX-format CMOS sensor
Nikon's EXPEED 2 image processing engine
You won't miss a moment of action thanks to the D5100's high-speed continuous shooting.
Speed and performance that delivers

With high-speed continuous shooting at approx. 4 frames per second, you'll never miss a moment and with D5100's large optical viewfinder providing accurate and realistic composition, you'll get a precise view and focus in every situation.

The D5100's 11-point AF system works together with the Scene Recognition System to keep your subject in focus where it's located in the frame.
Capture your subjects precisely

D5100's 11-point AF system provides flexibility to compose the shot you want ensuring your subject is captured sharply wherever it's located in the frame. Working together with the Scene Recognition System, the camera can keep your main subject in focus even if the composition changes using Nikon's exclusive 3D-tracking.

Create better portraits—even when shooting outdoors in bright sunlight—with the D5100's built-in pop-up flash.
Brilliance whenever needed

Vital for dark or backlit subjects, the D5100's built-in pop-up flash automatically brightens your subject even when shooting outdoors in bright sunlight. Expect natural looking results thanks to intelligent flash control.

Expand your picture taking capabilities with Nikon's comprehensive lineup of NIKKOR lenses.
NIKKOR lenses expand your vision

From wide angle to telephoto, from prime to Micro, the NIKKOR interchangeable lens lineup offers more choices to see and capture still images and D-Movies of the world from your perspective.

1Special effects video examples were produced using a pre-production D5100 D-SLR.

D5100 Body Only

Price $599.95
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18-55mm VR Lens Kit

D5100 Camera BodyAF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR
Price $699.95
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D5100 4.6 5 737 737
Very Close I am using a 18-200 VR II and a SB700 flash. The pictures are amazing..the camera layout needs work..focus lock should be standard..why Nikon does not make a Battery Grip, is beyound me. Other then that, buy it. April 28, 2011
excellent! so easy to use. good/simple design. the swivel screen is useful for me. nice colors and very sharp images. April 28, 2011
Nice Upgrade from D5000 I upgraded from the D5000 to this one and its a nice change. The only downfall that I see is that the pricing is a bit too high... Other than that the colors are nice and the camera shoots quickly without issues. April 21, 2011
Great Camera I’m new to photography having been a point and shoot person for years. Recently I have decided to step up and be able to take some better photographs for personal enjoyment. After looking at many DSLR cameras I decided on the D5100 for a variety of reasons. Supposedly it heavily borrows from the D7000 camera, with better versatility due to the articulating screen and smaller size. The articulating screen with excellent image quality is one of the main things I was looking for. I have pets and take off angle/odd shots to capture them. The articulating screen allows me to position the camera appropriately for the shot, and still frame the shot correctly. The other thing the articulating screen does for me is allow me to take advantage of the movie mode and the excellent 1080p/30fps recording. ------------- I like that this camera is set up well for transitioning from point and shoot to DSLR. It is advertised as being Nikon’s “advanced beginner” DSLR. I didn’t want to grow out of my first DSLR too quickly…and I don’t feel that I will with this camera. However, this is still an entry DSLR, and as such it’d be nice if Nikon included a DVD tutorial on how to get the most out of stepping into the DSLR realm. I have taken some excellent photo’s with it in full auto mode, and started playing with some of the manual settings to capture pictures of things I could never get with a point and shoot. But it would be nice to have the myriad of functions explained in a tutorial DVD. ------------- The only problems I’ve experienced with the camera is poor documentation (for someone new to photography like this camera is being marketed to this is inexcusable). The user guide is pathetic. Sorry Nikon, but I can figure out where to stick the battery and SD card, that’s common sense. But please explain to me the HDR settings, the F-Stops, etc that aren’t even mentioned in your “guide”. And lastly the first few times I have shot video I have encountered a “Video is interrupted” error (after only 3-4 sec). I’m not sure why, and again, the user manual doesn’t explain anything about this error message. ------------- Due to the lack of documentation, and odd error (that is also undocumented), I can only give this 4 stars. This isn’t a professional camera, but it’s enough to overwhelm the beginner and give them satisfying results with minimal setup. As such I’d definitely recommend this camera to anyone looking for a DSLR (with an accompanying book, if I can ever find one). April 18, 2011
This product is the best amatir Camera This Nikon D5100 has a large pixel and speed continous available for amateur photographer April 7, 2011
Great for video, travel light, dark interiors I liked very much my D5000 (check my D5000's and D7000's reviews), and simply love the D7000 that replaced it - but I'm so impressed with this new D5100! It's being hyped for quite a while, and we already knew that it would be an updated D5000, but the main differences make it so good, that it might be *better* than a D7000 in at least two cases: video, and travelling light. The D5100 is a hot rod: a great sensor in a small body. Killer combination for travelling light, and taking pictures in dark and discrete places like churches' and museums' interiors. You're all set for most trips with just the kit lens: It's a very good all arounder. Pros: 1. Horizontally swiveling back display. The D5000's swiveled vertically, making it difficult to see while on a tripod or taking pictures of yourself. Now you can frame yourself perfectly, and use tripods with no fear. 2. Same outstanding sensor of the D7000. Simply the best sensor in any Nikon bellow US$7000. Specially incredible under very very low light. 3. New, enhanced video mode. It's actually better than the D7000's, not just for the new in camera effects, but for the ability to do movies at ISO 102,400 (if you don't mind the noise - still better than losing the shot). To put it simple, at the time of this review, the D5100 is the best Nikon DSLR for video - at any price. Attach an external microphone, and you'll also have professional quality stereo audio. Cons: 1. Still no 30fps @ 1080p. <:-( 2. Could have an internal stereo microphone. 3. Lack of internal CLS commander internal flash. I understand that some of the D7000 goodies like in-body focusing motor (necessary to focus the excellent Nikkor 10.5mm, only DX fisheye lens at the time of this review, and one of the main reasons I bought my D7000) and the 100% pentaprism viewer would have made the D5100 as large and heavy as the D7000, missing it's point. But I would like to see an internal flash with CLS commanding capability (I love to hand held Nikon Speedlites), a value that probably wouldn't increase neither size or weight by very much - if at all. The D5100 is a significant upgrade over the great D5000. May lack some of the D7000's in-body resources, but has the same sensor, in a smaller and lighter body, making it an excellent camera to travel, and take discrete pictures in dark interiors. It has a much improved video mode (although it still lacks 30FPS @ 1080p), and a very practical horizontally swiveling display, making it the best Nikon DSLR for video at time of this review. Accessories I recommend: Nikon CF-DC2 Semi-soft case Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote Control April 5, 2011
Quite good camera I like good matrix (already known from D7000 model i suppose), new 3inch display 921k dots, and 1080p movies. I don't like small viewfinder - 0.78x magnification. April 5, 2011
Very good entry level DSLR The Nikon D5100 lets the new photographer learn and develop without limitations. It was my first DSLR and was definitely the right choice. *Note to anyone buying a Nikon DSLR for the first time* Do NOT buy your body with the classic kit lens (i.e. 18-55mm) as it is a poor choice for it's price. I would recommend starting with a lens such as the 18-105mm as it is not much more expensive but is way more versatile. October 20, 2013
Go to camera I have used the D5100 during both personal and professional events. I have never been disappointed. I upgraded to the earlier D5000 and have never looked back. I recently compared the D5100 to the newer D5200. There is very little difference that I can see to justify the $300 difference. The D5100 is more than capable for the novice or the pro; especially when it is paired with lenses beyond the included kit lens. July 24, 2013
Great camera! I love my d5100. I used to own a d3100, but decided that I would upgrade to this. The pictures are amazing and the vari-angle screen is really useful. The reason I have it a 4 stars instead of 5 was because of the body! From the front it looks fine, but when you look at the back... it's ugly. All the buttons and features are squished down into a long but short body; but you can get over that. My other favorite thing is the scene modes, especially selective color. It allows you to single out any color in camera, so you don't have to waste time after post-processing. I'll be upgrading from the 18-55 kit lens to the 18-105, I can't wait!!! April 21, 2013
Had a conversation with the Pro,s.all use Nikon..they like the D-5100 ..very nice camera i,m still learning all its features, but i,m amazed at the picture quaility and ease of use. July 24, 2012
Incrível qualidade de imagem! Me surpreendi demais com esta câmera. Só lamento por ela não ter o grid para uso da regra dos terços. October 29, 2013
Do-able. I guess, it gets the job done. Takes very good pictures compare to some higher end models of other brands. Video quality is a BIG NO NO. The video quality is too choppy and not very smooth when compared to other brand. Not recommending this camera because there are two newer model. March 27, 2014
Disapointed Just getting used to my 5100, so it may grow on me, but out of the box, it didn't thrill me. First let me say I'm not a pro, I only do a few thousand shots a year. Second I'm not a tech freak, I'm more into tools that do what I need, and do it with as small a learning curve as possible. Needless to say it leaves me in deep Do Do in the digital age, where you have to learn the software, before you can use any thing. The biggest shock with the 5100, besides the price, was the proprietary batteries, allowing Nikon to charge 5 times the going rate for a new battery. Another is probably not a flaw of the 5100, but may be inherent is most DSLRs, at least the low end ones like the 5100, and that is shutter-shudder. The tendency of the camera to shake when the mirror flips up and the shutter pops open. I never noticed it in the old film days, probably because the old all metal cameras and lens had enough mass to hold still when you hit the trigger. But with every thing plastic and as light as they can make it, the effect is a lot more pronounced. I also didn't like the file system, but hey, if you want to use the camera, you gotta learn to live with what you got, and work around what you can't. Any way this should bring out the Friends of Nikon :o) August 20, 2012
Focusing failed at 13 months of usage. The 5100 was a great camera. One year one month the focusing system went out luckly I was able to complete my assignment. Advice anyone to buy an additional warrenty for at least 3 years if you are a heavy shooter. Still would reccomend for its cost. August 13, 2012
quick focus and shutter release questionable product logevity flash is already not working (wont open) The camera has a good and quick focus and shutter release. I am a novice but there seems to be a lot of pictures that are not cryastal clear. All and all it is decent but i dont have any other dslr cameras to compare it to. July 31, 2012
not sharp pretty good camera except not sharp... even with the sharpest lens. my d40 is sharper... I think is the cmos type sensor... July 13, 2012
Nice feature set, very cramped grip The D5100 is a nice camera for the money. It strikes a good balance between the "pro" features and the consumer features, including some nice things like exposure bracketing. The big con in my book is they have done away with the comfortable grip of the D50 in exchange for a much more cramped and compact body. This makes the camera very uncomfortable to hold. This has also sacrificed the top LCD display which was always extremely useful. July 5, 2012
nice camera, just I am bad luck It is nice camera, light and easy to start with. Just I am bad luck, it is black screen all in a sudden twice that ruined my thanksgiving at San Francisco and Christmas in Hawii, but they did free fix with I pay the shipping fee. After that, so far, it is good. March 23, 2012
Nikon D5100 - Two Month & 800 shots later I left serious & semi-professional photography in the early 1980. My wife gave me a Nikon D5100 for Christmas / retirement gift in December 2011. I gave myself about a month to get familiar with the camera. After about 200 shots, I embarked on a 5-week photo shooting trip in the Philippines. My review covers the learning curve and that 5-week trip. I was able to use at least 50% of the advance features within one week. Felt confident and used about 85% of the advance feature in another week with the help of the DVD. My D5100 was bundled with two VR kit lenses: 18~55mm f/3.5-5.5 and 55~300mm f/4.5-5.6. I used 8 GB SDHC 100x (type 10) memory cards. I shoot outdoors from sunrise, sunset and other times in-between by the shores of Lake Erie, day and night scenes in several UNESCO designated World Heritage sites in the Philippines, and several indoor and still-life. Towards the end of my tour (in the Philippines), I use 1976~1977 vintage NIKKOR lens: prime 50mm f/1.2; prime 28mm f/2.8; and a constant aperture 43~86mm f/3.5 medium zoom - - - naturally worked in Manual mode only. Friends are more impressed by the shots taken with my old Nikkors than they were with the kit lenses. Low available light shots exposures were as long as 30 second exposures and as high as 1/160 seconds and ISO from 100 to as high as 1600, depending on the lens being used on individual shots. Also mounted the camera on very sturdy / stable heavy duty tripod and remote (wireless) released on various occasion. There were shots where I have to disable the auto-focus on the kit lenses. The Positives: The size and weight is easier (for me) to handle, (my subjective assessment) relative to the size of my hand, however, the lightweight appears to cause the camera to be unsteady when used with the 18~55mm lens. The fully articulated LCD display afforded creative shots from (almost) infinite angles., including, of course, self portrait and group shots I joined. The grid line(s) was helpful in the composition. Color rendition was excellent. It is nice to have multiple selection for duration of setting the self-time and the remote release. The Info button is helpful in reminding me of the setting. Would have been nice if there is a choice to keep the setting indefinitely while the power is kept on. Contrary to "compatibility chart, I was able to use my "old" Nikkors (for my Nikon F2) with excellent results. I took-off the indexing ear just to be safe (to avoid scratching the body). The read/write is fast (very good). I like the miniature, back-synch and various scenes. I also like the timed exposure program and the multiple shoot when on self timer mode. I am sure I have not explore the entire feature of this D5100. Negatives: On remote trigger, it is very inconvenient replacing the eyepiece rubber attachment with the cover eyepiece. For expediency, I wind-up using a black electrical tape to cover the eyepiece. I prefer the "eye piece curtain" on my old Nikon F. The auto-focus of both kit lenses tracked properly about 90% of the time, hence, the reason for my switching to manual on some shots. The remote trigger required 100% clear line to the infrared sensor. This line of sight is obstructed by the 18~55mm lens when I was on the opposite side of the sensor on group picture I joined. I have to return the camera for a replacement because the battery was fully discharged after about 200 shots, way under the 600+ shots described in the spec sheet.. The replacement camera damaged two memory card because it would not eject the card properly, hence, I have to get a second replacement body. Navigating the menu is NOT easy. The DVD that came with the package and the printed manual did not adequately covered the menu. I seems that the practical ISO limit for a descent noise is 1600. I was disappointed of the inability to used the built-in flash for fill-in (the sun almost directly above the subject and on back-lighted subject) even in Manual mode.. Conclusion: While I am highly satisfied with the overall performance of my D5100, I would NOT recommend D5100 to novice. I am afraid the learning curve would be too steep for a novice. For serious / advance photographer, I feel it is lacking. I also felt the material and workmanship is below the Nikon / Nikkor standards when the products were built in Japan , the ones I was used-to. I like the solid, heavy feel of the Nikon / Nikkor of the pre-digital era. March 8, 2012
Difficult to learn. I have been a photographer for more than 50 years. My first Nikon was a 1964 model F. I am a newcomer to digital photography. I find my Nikon 5100 extremely difficult to use beyond the Auto phase which seems to work well. The manual is hard to relate to the camera, even the book "Nikon 5100 for Dummies" is way over my head. Maybe it's because of my age, but I find the camera to be way too complex for me, with an over abundance of buttons, dials, and drop down menus. Nikon tech support has been no help at all. I will keep using it because it was expensive and I still want to learn digital photography, but I probably would have been better off with a simple "point and shoot". February 19, 2012
Good picture BUT bad design 1st Good points -> Good image quality has same sensor as D7000 -> Light weight -> screen Bad ones Critical buttons missing - 1. No dedicated Iso button 2. No dedicated white balance button -> Seems Live view lever will not last long. -> short Battery life. Nikon Claim 650 shots but I was able to take only 100 shots. -> No histogram in Live view. -> Viewfinder grid lines missing. It was there in D3000. -> Firmware BUG - Nikon's firmware leaves Auto ISO active even in manual exposure mode. February 8, 2012
No SD card recognized??? I purchased this camera after having a Canon for a LONG time. I was very excited to get it for it had many more features to offer. I found it easy to figure out (many people said it was hard), just by reading the manual (that is what they are for!) and even more easy after watching the dvd that came with my kit. Then my problems started...I put the approved SD card in and the camera would not read it (therefore I could not format to use it), brought it back to the store that I bought it from and they got it to read it after taking it out and putting it back in with the camera on (which I was told NEVER to do!). It worked for about 5 pictures and then said there was no SD card (even though the card was still in it!) I brought it back to the store and they exchanged out the SD card for a new one, this card read right away and I formatted it (in the camera). I started taking photos and after 15 photos again the camera said it had no SD card. ughhh! I turned off the camera popped out the card and put it back in, turned on the camera and low and behold it recognized it! Then after a few more photos it said no SD card again. So I called Nikon and they said it was probably something wrong with the camera, so I will bring the camera back to the place of purchase and exchange it for a new one and new SD card and start over! Hopefully the new d5100 works!!! I really like the camera and its features. I will let you know what happens! October 31, 2011
More explanation is needed.... Battery door fell off, I had to order a new one, and now my telephoto lens had to be sent back..does not work with A on flash...Such shoudl not happen within 2 months of purchase of a camera this expensive....I had to pay for the shipping too..which is not fair!...I didn't cause the problems...and I have to pay for the shipping?? Not the American way! September 27, 2011
Great features , with limitations.. All the bells and whistles work as expected, yet the system will not except non-auto focus lens. ie..VIVITAR It takes only NIKON lens and Nikon Batteries - MAJOR DRAWBACK !!!!.. September 20, 2011
In auto mode, the ISO is quite high. When live view is on and VR is turned on for the Nikon lens that came with the camera, a persistent humming or static sound emanates from the camera. This occurred with another camera from the store I bought the camera from and a different lens as well. The static disappears when VR is turned off. An electronic design flaw as far as I can tell. The static ends up on my videos. I'm very disappointed in this. August 2, 2011
Pros and Cons PROS: Still image and HD quality is strong. CONS: No vertical grip available, and limited lens compatability, particularly with AF. Also, questionable durability. July 19, 2011
1080p It's main feature is 1080p with certain modes changing facility.But it takes $900,if capability permits go with the next one. May 22, 2011
Some nice features in too small a body! Good Day, I had the displeasure of owning a D5100 for 67 days (then I returned it!!!) and during that time failed to reach a happy medium with the awkward size and performance of this model. First, the body is so small that my right hand heel kept hitting the rocker knob and changing the settings for focus. Second, I could not set the flash to not go off and then change the dial on the top and it would return to default (flash auto). Had to reset every time. Third, set the ISO in manual or any mode that it would allow changing and go back to auto and it would default to auto ISO. Fourth, using the flip out screen (this is one of the features that prompted me to purchase this model) and putting it in live view it had to fumble to get focused and it would not capture the imiage when I hit the shutter release. Overall, totally frustrated with this model!! I have been a Nikon user for 25 years and will continue to be one. My next purchase will be the D7000, Larger body, more personized settings can be made, YEH!! September 5, 2012
Disappointed The D5100 has some great features, but if you don't read the fine print you will get stuck with other Nikon lenses that won't work. I stayed with Nikon when my d50 sensor went bad because of all the money I have invested in lenses. I was quite disappointed and unhappy to find that all the lenses work in manual mode, but not in auto focus mode. I take pictures of birds and to manual focus just isn't going to capture those images. It will take me a year or more to purchase/replace the lenses that I use almost daily. So in the end I bought a used D50 so I can still use my lenses and take the pictures I love and have shelved the D5100 until I get a lense I can use. August 21, 2012
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