Creativity from any point of view

Stimulate your creativity. The NIKON D5100 offers a host of new photographic and video tools that deliver superior performance and exceptional image quality with surprising versatility. With 16.2 megapixels, a swivel Vari-Angle LCD monitor, full HD movie capabilities, new EFFECTS Mode and new HDR setting, you hold the power and performance to capture beautiful moments and the freedom to get creative.
Compose great overhead shots with the Nikon D5100's Vari-angle display.>

Vari-angle LCD Monitor

Creativity from any point of view

Take pictures or record movies from a unique viewpoint, the D5100's 3.0 inch, super sharp, 921,000-dot Vari-angle LCD monitor allows for versatile high quality viewing and playback. Explore every angle, with overhead shots, waist level candids, ground level and fun self portraits; you will never miss a shot. This Vari-angle monitor allows you to be creative from any point of view.

Effects mode

More fun and artistic pictures and movies

The D5100 incorporates an amazing array of special effects for use when taking still pictures or recording D-Movie Full HD movies. Selective Color isolates any color within the scene; capture details in places too dark for your own eyes using Night Vision; create bright, glowing images filled with atmosphere with High Key; emphasize the mood of a scene using Low Key; Miniature Effect makes a scene look like a miniature scale model; and Color Sketch creates color outlines of the subject that are played back as a series of stills in a slide show.
Isolate the vibrant shades of blue in your subject's dress with the D5100's Selective Color effect.

Tell better stories

Full HD 1080p D-Movie with Sound

The D5100 delivers exceptionally high-quality movie performance due to its full HD capability while the latest in Full-time autofocus takes the guess work out of tracking your subjects while in motion. Effortless moviemaking is at your fingertip thanks to D5100's ergonomically placed Live View and Movie start button. Your D-Movies will come to life thanks to D5100's sound recording capability - get stereo sound with Nikon's optional ME-1 Stereo Microphone.
Create stunning multi-exposure images with the D5100's built-in HDR (High Dynamic Range) capability.

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Exquisite detail in highlight and shadow

In scenes with extreme contrasts, such as bright, sunlit clouds and a foreground deep in shadow, it was once quite difficult to render the textures of both equally. Not any more. D5100 combines two exposures to create an image revealing an extremely wide dynamic range, but with less noise and richer color gradation than ever before.
Capture every detail with remarkable clarity—the D5100 brings image quality in a class of its own.

Stunning image quality

Image quality in a class of its own

Incorporating the latest Nikon D-SLR technologies such as the 16.2MP DX-format CMOS sensor and EXPEED 2 image processing engine, the D5100 delivers outstanding image quality. Its CMOS sensor offers a remarkably wide ISO range (ISO 100 to 6400) with reduced noise which enables you to shoot at faster shutter speeds and capture scenes and subjects with less blur. Handheld shooting and full HD movies come out looking great even in low light.
The D5100's 16.2MP DX-format CMOS sensor
Nikon's EXPEED 2 image processing engine
You won't miss a moment of action thanks to the D5100's high-speed continuous shooting.
Speed and performance that delivers

With high-speed continuous shooting at approx. 4 frames per second, you'll never miss a moment and with D5100's large optical viewfinder providing accurate and realistic composition, you'll get a precise view and focus in every situation.

The D5100's 11-point AF system works together with the Scene Recognition System to keep your subject in focus where it's located in the frame.
Capture your subjects precisely

D5100's 11-point AF system provides flexibility to compose the shot you want ensuring your subject is captured sharply wherever it's located in the frame. Working together with the Scene Recognition System, the camera can keep your main subject in focus even if the composition changes using Nikon's exclusive 3D-tracking.

Create better portraits—even when shooting outdoors in bright sunlight—with the D5100's built-in pop-up flash.
Brilliance whenever needed

Vital for dark or backlit subjects, the D5100's built-in pop-up flash automatically brightens your subject even when shooting outdoors in bright sunlight. Expect natural looking results thanks to intelligent flash control.

Expand your picture taking capabilities with Nikon's comprehensive lineup of NIKKOR lenses.
NIKKOR lenses expand your vision

From wide angle to telephoto, from prime to Micro, the NIKKOR interchangeable lens lineup offers more choices to see and capture still images and D-Movies of the world from your perspective.

1Special effects video examples were produced using a pre-production D5100 D-SLR.

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D5100 Body Only

Price $599.95
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18-55mm VR Lens Kit

D5100 Camera Body AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR
Price $699.95
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D5100 18-55mm VR Lens Kit 4.6 5 738 738
one of the best DSLRs i tried the DSLR d5100 and it is great,easy,light and am fully satisfied with it April 24, 2011
First time buyer Hi. As the first time buyer of SLR camera I was worrying about if I made right choice. And I can tell you that I am more than happy that I bought D5100. It is very easy to get going on shooting nice looking pics. It has beautiful lcd display which helps you to understand if you got the shot or not. It has plenty of pre-set settings for beginner and plenty of manual settings if you are willing to learn . Camera itself feels very good in hands and it's not heavy either. It has 1080p HD video recording up to 20 min long which is nice. Overall it feels like very sturdy build camera. If you are not tight on budget and just a beginner or starting amateur you would love this cam. Thanks April 23, 2011
WOW! Great ease of use and great options! I have done a lot of research on the DSLRs, and found the D5100 to be one of the best, user friendly, cameras I have found. I have done some shooting with a C rebel, so I can honestly say that the D5100 is a more intuitive DSLR. As a novice, I like how all the settings show an example of what that setting does. The D5100 takes amazing photos too. B April 21, 2011
The D5100 has "SUPERB" features and quality!!!! I love this camera!!! I can't believe the quality, superb!!!! Excellent features from beginners to the advanced users. April 20, 2011
THE BEST CAM I HAVE NEVER SEEN This is a wonderful camera it have all i need! i recomenden! April 18, 2011
Pretty Banana Crazy AWesome!!!!!!! Do. Buy. This. Product. Why?. Just. Cause. That. Is. Why. April 18, 2011
This will be Nikon's bestseller by far Compact, 921K screen, D7000 performance in a non intimidating size. Screen flips like James Bond moves. Quiet, quality, great menus, special effects. This is the first time Nikon offers 6400 ISO in a small camera with a 921K screen. Excellent pictures. Video is 30 fps, better than D7000. April 18, 2011
this product has everything . This camera has everything that a photographer needs.It has high iso range and good night mode which will thrill new photograhers. April 17, 2011
its simply light and nice camparing price is a hot cake, its like you can capture picture and movie with fun. April 13, 2011
Liked It good to try it love to bye this once and look for good shots where i travel April 10, 2011
it is awsome no bad features all are great. it works so great when i bought it. April 9, 2011
Awesome Camera! This camera is totally worth it. It's a mixture of a 3100 and 5000, but for sure totally better! It provides an awesome fps and a great amount of megapixels! Hope you buy this camera! April 7, 2011
Could not be any better!Excellent design. Great camera ever made!At the heart of the image...stands competition to no other brands. April 6, 2011
Atlast an awesome gadget... I guess its worth waiting for such a long time. This camera is one awesome stuff I'm gonna go for it. My first slr id D5100. Done!! April 5, 2011
nice its combination between d5000 and d90 .......................................................... April 5, 2011
Bravo Nikon! I LOVE my 5100 and have switched brands for good! I have been an avid nature photographer since I was 10 years old. So far I am really impressed. I have had this Nikon for 6 months, but I only started using it recently. I was always a fan of another brand but after using the Nikon 3100 for a while I decided to upgrade and I have now become a dedicated Nikon photographer. I have 3 bridge cameras of various makes and an Interchangeable lens camera as well Nothing beats Nikon. I love the way the 5100 handles. The controls are just where you would expect them to be. Everything about the camera is intuitive. The 5100 has excellent ergonomics and balance. The difference between Nikon and that other very popular brand is the lens. There is no substitute for Nikon optics. Tack sharp. Always reliable. Responsive. Well designed, and a great value for the money. I do a ton of nature photography and purchased the Nikon DX 55-250 zoom. This is not an expensive lens and has no IS. Wow! The results were spectacular! The kit lens is also amazing compared to the other brand I used to like. This camera is nothing short of amazing. Yes I know that there is the much newer 5200 and 5300 but for me the 5100 is nothing short of wonderful. June 7, 2014
My Perfect Entry to DSLR This is my first DSLR. I’ve had a variety of digital point and shoot cameras over the years, including Sony, Kodak, and Canon. To prepare for the transition to DSLR, I began to research what many professionals were using. The ones I respected the most kept referencing their Nikons. This narrowed it down for me. I knew I wanted a Nikon. After some more research, I choose the D5100. The LCD monitor was the main feature that stood out for me. The ability to angle the tilty-flippy screen was a real plus, but also the monitor quality was better over the D3100. Also my wife pressured me to get it in red and the D5100 didn’t come in red and I didn’t want red. Anyway, I’m still learning how to be a DSLR photographer. I’m not there yet, but with my D5100, my 18-55 lens, my 55-200 lens, and my 35mm prime lens, I feel like I’m at least well equipped. January 7, 2014
Perfect entry level DSLR. Was torn between this and the D3200 for a while. Finally decided on this D5100, and I think I made the right choice, as far as entry level DSLR's go. Takes amazing photos with kit lens, even better one when paired with an FX lens like the 50mm 1.8g I just bought for it. Also, very easy to use in manual mode. Highly recommend. March 18, 2013
Extremely Pleased D5100 owner I'm new to DSLRs and to Photograhy as a serious hobby. I've done some over the years with point and shoots and still use my iPhone now quite a bit. But nothing compares in my mind like having more control over your shots. I did quite a bit of research before I picked this camera. Once I narrowed it down to the fact I wanted a Nikon product over other manufacturers it was a case between D3100/D5100 or D7000. I felt that D3100 was an a good choice but it's guide mode would have been less than useful to me within a few months. The D7000 very much interested me, but a lot of the features were well above my need now (possibly ever) so it boiled down to the D5100 having the same sensor as the D7000 and the nifty swiveling LCD for weird angles. When I purchased the unit it came with an 18-105mm lens which I still use a lot. I've since purchased the 50mm f/1.8G for portraits/street and the 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G for wildlife. I'm having a ball with this camera and would recommend it to anyone getting into photography as a hobby. November 6, 2012
Great Camera....Little to do & a Lot to expect....excellent results Excellent Product, would deifnately recommend. Nice pictures great effect. June 23, 2012
Pefect for travel with great results This small. lightweight (physical only becasue it is not a light weight when it comes to features and results) SLR is perfect for travel. Easy to carry about and produces great results. Versatile enough to accomodate the sophisticated amateur as well as those not so photographically savy. Great video as well! Love this camera! June 16, 2012
Good Camera!!! If you want an intermediate camera the D5100 is a excellent choice to make and it is affordable. May 30, 2012
Fantástico essa Máquina Olá a todos, estou muito mais muito satisfeito com minha D5100, além de ser muito fácil de manusear a qualidade ótica tanto no contraste de cores e nas fotos com ISO elevado é excepcional. Recomendo a todos compre de olhos fechados. Pessoal da Nikon parabéns. February 20, 2014
máquina fantástica A D5100 me proporciona fotos excepcionais, principalmente fotos de natureza, fácil manuseio, e muito recurso sempre usei a Nikon mas esta me surpreendeu cores fantásticas,.. Por ser uma profissional o preço está ao alcance de quem pretende migrar para as câmeras profissionais.. Recomendo a quem interessar......... February 1, 2014
Quase Perfeita Otima camera minha segunda da marca, atende perfeitamente as fotos tanto internas como externas,muito boa qualidade em registros com baixa luminosidade...obrigado December 15, 2013
Excelente para quem é amante de uma boa fotografia É uma máquina fácil de carregar, de qualidade fotográfica incrível. De fácil operação tanto para quem está iniciando e de grandes recursos para quem já conhece de fotografia. Tira fotos incríveis em baixa luminosidade e ambientes fechados e a autonomia da bateria atende perfeitamente as necessidades (450 a 500 fotos aprox.). É a segunda máquina Nikon que adquiro. A primeira D3100 apesar de mais lenta, também possui excelente qualidade de foto. Recomendo a todos. October 31, 2013
Estou sastifeitissimo com esta maravilhosa maquina.. Comprei e fiz dois casamentos ..e os resultados vieram em forma de elogios e indicações pra outros clientes ,, realmente superou todas minhas expectativas ..obrigado.. October 30, 2013
Muitos recursos. Excelente produto. Estou muito satisfeito com minha compra e tenho tirado lindas fotos. October 21, 2013
EXCELENTE! He adquirido mi Nikon D5100 hace apenas dos meses y estoy gratamente impresionado con esta cámara! es mi primera Nikon pues he utilizado desde hace 27 años aproximadamente otras marcas y Nikon es amigable desde el primer día con su fácil manejo ligereza, robustez y calidad. Me felicito por mi compra! August 28, 2013
la mejor opción!! Simplemente estoy súper contento de haber comprado ésta cámara. Cumple con mis necesidades y más! La he llevado a todas partes y me ha dejado sorprendido. Sio descubriendo mi Nikon D5100. July 24, 2013
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