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Welcome to the NEW
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We've redesigned the site to make it easier to find
stories you care about, get tips and advice from pros,
learn new shooting techniques, discover classes and
workshops—in short, help you find new inspiration
every time you visit. (And we hope you visit often.)

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Photo of Alexx Henry, creator of the Nikon powered xxArray™ 64 camera 3D imaging system

Nikon Cinema: Using DSLRs for Cutting Edge Effects, 3D Capture & Augmented Reality

The Nikon Cinema website is a celebration of all things HD-SLR filmmaking.

Learn how Alexx Henry's Nikon-powered xxArray™ is powering the next phase of ultra-realistic immersive imagery, better known as 3D imaging. See how the 64 cameras of the Nikon-powered xxArray™ are creating the content for 3D digital magazines and can even place you into augmented reality.